Tuesday, December 06, 2005

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High-Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) & Bank Debentures
How about risk-free and guaranteed returns of 30% per week on your investments, generated from super-secret off-balance-sheet trading by prime European banks? Or, how about some Medium-Term Notes issued by the U.S. Federal Reserve which are deeply discounted so that the effective rate of return is 80% profit to you. 1933 Chinese Bonds paying 1,000% interest, anybody? All of this sounds pretty good, but it's completely bogus and the hottest financial scam going these days. This section starts here.
Exhibit: QUATLOOSIAN HYIP PROGRAMSKeep getting burned by HYIP and MTN deals? Well, courtesy of the Synergized Debentured Netdom of Quatloosia, we bring you a list of certified programs that are sure to make you join the ranks of the super-rich. With these deals, you cannot lose -- just call up the Ferrari dealership and tell them to stay open a little later tonight. All the top programs by all the top performers, all rolled into one simple list so that you can choose your winner.
NEW! - PIPS Scams (People in Profit System)
NEW! - U.S. Department of Justice Explanation of Prime Bank/High-Yield Investment Schemes
Exhibit: OMEGA TRUST & TRADING, LTD.This exhibit chronicles the life and times of Mr. Clyde Hood, a former Fortune 500 trader and one of only 5 traders in the entire world who can pull off multi-billion dollar bank debenture deals to benefit humanitarian programs worldwide. All you have to do is invest $100 and you'll get that back plus $5,000 in only 9 months. Smell a rat? Tens of thousands of people across America didn't, and trusted Mr. Hood -- who was really just a retired electrician with a history of petty crime living in Mattoon, Illinois -- with tens of millions of dollars, sent to him via FedEx in $100 bills wrapped in aluminum foil. Now, Clyde and about a dozen others from Mattoon are enjoying the hospitality of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, while amazingly some people still believe that he will come through for them -- but this time for millions of dollars per $100 invested.Includes:
Omega Promoters Admit Guilt
U.S. Attorney's Press Release
Latest Stupid Omega Rumors
More Latest Stupid Omega Rumors
The Omega Chronicals
Exhibit: NESARA SCAMAn old prime bank scam doesn't die . . . it just hires space aliens to depose the Bush Administration and keep the hope of funding alive. The "true NESARA law" is exposed as a front for an elaborate donations scam run by some of the same people that helped to perpetuate the Omega Trust & Trading scam, although now with the most bizarre of New Age cultish overtones. Bizarre and funny all at once. Includes:
Dove Updates
Dove Doo Doo
Prosperity Programs - NESARA - Omega Forum
Jennifer Lee Updates
Deep Knight Updates
Mother Sekmet vs. Tony-the-Wonder-Llama
Morganthau Bonds
HYIPs & Bank Debenture News & Articles


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