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I, Dr. Ernst Detlef Balzer, do hereby witness the following:I am a male German Citizen, born at April 11th, 1928, at Pellworm Island, Germany.
I have no criminal record whatsoever, and was awarded the Bundesverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse in recognition of my work as Chairman of the AOK Bundesverband der Ortskrankenkassen (BDO, Bonn).

I was introduced to Mr. Manfred J. Zachel at 12 November 1995, and visited him in his domicile in Pretoria, Republic of South Africa, in the periods from 11 November to 27 December 1995, and from 29 June to 26 July 1996.After Mr Zachel was arrested, I visited him in detention in Pretoria several times during the periods from 22 October to 21 November 1996 and from 28 January to 19 February 1997. I was shocked about the conditions of his detention, which would have been unthinkable of in Europe. His health deteriorated dramatically.Before his detention, Mr Zachel had informed me that he had become aware of serious syndicate-related crimes like forgeries of “financial instruments” and similar documents, the theft and embezzlement of huge funds from public resources, and the forgery and distribution of national and foreign counterfeit bills including British Pound and US Dollar. Mr Zachel suspected that these crimes could involve high ranked South African bankers and also officers or politicians. Mr. Zachel told me that he would report such affairs to the authorities.At the same date as Mr. Zachel, my grandson Matthias Balzer was detained. He was released some days later. My son informed me by phone about these events, and I subsequently flew to South Africa at 22 October 1996.Matthias told met that his request to contact a lawyer, or his parents or any other person, was rudely denied in detention. According to his report, officers tried to persuade him to make false statements against Mr. Zachel. He was also seriously threatened in detention with an unspecified “department” where he would be sent to. He had no idea whether and when he would be released, or could see his parents, or could establish contact with a lawyer.Matthias also told me that during the arrest, Superintendent Lambrechts from the Office for Serious Economic Offences had pointed a gun and threatened to shoot the obviously unarmed Mr. Zachel dead. Matthias was obviously shocked by this conduct.During this stay in South Africa, I visited Captain Visser, Pretoria, from the Child Protection Unit of the South African Police. Mr. Visser confirmed that the Office for Serious Economic Offences had reported sexual abuse of Matthias, and that he had duly investigated the allegations. He ensured me that the investigations did not produce any evidence to support these allegations.The medical examination had, on request by MR Visser, been conducted by Mrs. Dr. Müller, Pretoria, whom I visited during the same period. She confirmed that there was no medical evidence for any abuse.I explained the allegations to Matthias. He could not understand them and denies any indecent act, or the attempt thereof, by Mr Zachel or any other person. The temporary use of the same bedroom had been suggested by Mr. Zachel’s medical doctor, Dr. Kirsten, to assist Mr. Zachel with oxygen in case of an asthma attack. Such an attack occurred, when I lived in the same house.During my stays in Mr. Zachel’s house, when Matthias was also present, I could not observe any indications of any indecent act at all. Matthias was with his parents every day in South Africa.Matthias complained to me later that this allegation has been spread in his neighbourhood by officers, making life very uncomfortable for himself and his parents. The malicious nature of this defamation, confirmed by my son, was evident to me.Mr Zachel was detained in South Africa for more than 11 months without any charge laid against him. I was present at a court hearing where Mr Zachel’s lawyer asked for the reasons and the foreseeable duration of the detention, but he was denied a response to this question. There was obviously no end in sight, and no accusations have been made against him during the hearing.I saw Mr. Zachel again in London between 1 August 1997 and 8 August 1997, and later on in HMP Brixton. He told me about syndicate related criminal activities in South Africa.My son, Dr. Hans Reimer Balzer, had from Pretoria also informed me about serious crimes, obviously involving officers from ABSA Bank and the Office for Serious Economic Offences (OSEO). My son and his family, having seen evidence about such crimes, were subjected to serious intimidation. I subsequently persuaded my son’s family to leave South Africa in July 1997 for their own security. The family stayed with us in Germany, from were my son laid criminal charges against the OSEO in South Africa. However, receipt of this charges as only admitted about one year later, after I had sent copies by another courier service.I experienced myself that Mr Zachel’s appearances before the Magistrate Court in Pretoria were seriously impeded. He was brought into the courtroom hours after the set time, so that his defence could not present material and arguments they had prepared. In one case, Mr Zachel was mistreated just before his appearance to such an extent that two persons had to carry him to his seat in the courtroom half unconscious. This occurred during my last stay in South Africa.At February 2nd, 1997, I saw Mr Zachel about two hours before the set date of a court hearing in Central Prison in Pretoria. We were optimistic that he might be released that day. He sat half unconscious in his wheelchair. I worried that he would die. The personnel took him away. He remained unconscious for at least a week in the Intensive Care Unit of Wilgers Hospital, Pretoria, where he was brought by a prison officer. He told me later that he had been offered a strawberry-milk-shake and medication in jail before he broke down, but only drank about half of it.Shortly before Mr Zachel’s arrest in South Africa, after the search of his houses, I was also approached by a Mr. H.O. Schmaler, Berlin, who told me that he co-operated with the persecution in South Africa before the arrest, and had “agreed” with my son, Dr. Hans Reimer Balzer, that my son would remove documents from a safe in Mr. Zachel’s house, referring to “foreign deposits”. He also told me that my son would “disable” all firearms in Mr. Zachel’s house. My son confirmed such request, and that Mr. Schmaler had offered him to “spare” the life of my grandson Matthias when “eliminating” Mr Zachel, but only in case that my son would co-operate in this way. Opposite to the statement of Mr Schmaler, my son told me that he had rejected this request and reported it to Mr. Zachel.I heard about concrete allegations against Mr. Zachel when these were laid about 14 months after his arrest. I knew some of the topics addressed by own observations before his arrest, and based on this knowledge I am convinced that Mr. Zachel could have proven his innocence against these charges within minutes, if he would ever have been interrogated or given a chance to respond.I also talked to South African experts from the police and intelligence com­mu­nity. They expressed the opinion that, according no certain practices, Mr. Zachel would not survive extradition to South Africa, but rather be tortured and killed before or during a trial "by accident".I confirm under penalty of perjury that all statements made in this document are true and correct at my best knowledge.
I also confirm that I, although I have been privately helped with the formulations in the English language, do fully understand the content of these statements.
Duly signed and confirmed at Celle at this 22nd Day of August 1999.

Dr. Detlef Balzer

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*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.

AFFIDAVITI, Dr. Hans Reimer Balzer, born July 14, 1956, South African Passport-No. P.00255584, do hereby under penalty of perjury testify the followingI am an Evangelical Theologian by profession, holding the degree of a Doctor of Theology from the University Marburg, Germany. I have been serving in different positions, for example as a Lecturer in Germany, and as a Senior Lecturer and ordained Reverent in South Africa for several years.I do know Mr. Manfred Joseph Zachel personally since 1995. Since the beginning of 1996, when Mr Zachel moved to South Africa, I am assisting Mr Zachel as his pastoral and spiritual advisor to Mr Zachel, and hear his confessions.During Mr Zachel's enduring detention without any charge in South Africa, where he was subjected to psychological and even physical mistreatment, Mr Zachel increasingly developed states of severe depressions, during which he often reacted irrationally and uncontrollable. His situation became so critical that his medical doctor (Dr. Fredan J. Kirsten, Pretoria) had to see him every day, prescribed strong sedatives, and even anti-depressiva. Mr Zachel was in immediate danger to commit suicide, and his judgement was sometimes very limited. Other visitors, knowing him well, observed a strong tendency of "infantile" patterns of behaviour.Unfortunately, severe threats against him during this time supported these destructive tendencies. He also suffered, being under influence of psychopharmaca, hallucinations, asking me to remove (non existent) uniformed SS-men" from his bedside.Before his arrest, Mr Zachel had reported syndicate related crimes to the police, and had been warned against corrupt officers repeatedly. He ignored these warnings, concerning possible attempts on his life, abduction, or "framing" - on the other hand, after his arrest; he developed an attitude of "persecution mania", which was unfortunately not quite unjustified.I observed that he increasingly associated his situation with his traumatic youth experiences in the resistance movement during World War II.I was called to meet and assist Mr Zachel as a Pastor in the UK, after he had disappeared from South Africa under most suspicious circumstances, leading experts to the conclusion that he was deducted (and the South African Police, is still not able to offer any other possible explanation). Half a year before (January 1997) he had been in an enduring coma, most probably due to poisoning after he had made further statements to the police.In the UK, I found Mr Zachel in a very poor mental and psychological state. His judgement was severely clouded. I could not persuade him to the only rational step in this situation - to seek asylum and assistance in Europe, as the circumstances would have justified. So he was _"hiding and running" in the UK without any sufficient reason - but it was, naturally, held against him. It was obvious that Mr Zachel had been subjected to further very traumatic experiences. He was not able to talk much about it, but of what he said it looks to me like the well known "traditional" South African methods to "extract information" from "non co-operative" prisoners. This would match the fact that some of the persons and organisations he had reported where active in this field during the apartheid era, i.e., they had been professional torturers and assassins. Unfortunately, even in jail in Brixton, he received at least one further warning (he reported the words "Zachel must die anyhow", a wording which he would not use himself in English).Mr Zachel's trust into myself was effected because I had told him in South Africa that such things would never happen to him. I was wrong.Mr Zachel's personal letters to me since his arrest in the UK reveal that he still suffers depressions, and cannot handle his fears. He developed very concrete ideas to commit suicide. I quote a typical statement (from German), which I found in a recent letter: "I will surrender, let them have me, let them have my body, nothing will happen here, I cannot stand it any more, there is no place for justice") - and, a paragraph further: "Don't worry, only the one who is right, will also be found right". No link between these opposite statements.Again, his "Nazi-Trauma" is meddling with the recent experiences. He knows that a possible extradition to South Africa would mean mistreatment or - non-official - torture from him, and he is not able to face this threat in the light of his past experiences.In my opinion, Mr Zachel is in urgent need for enduring professional treatment. This should also include his youth-trauma, like the murder of his mother and other family members. I am under the expression that especially the last named trauma was also responsible for irrational and destructive behaviour of Mr Zachel in the last decades - as it also stimulated his charity related activities, especially to children. I saw him loosing self-control once in Romania, faced by the mistreatment of street-children.Criminal charges against his persecutors in South Africa, e.g. for perjury, "framing", obstruction of justice etc., are under official investigation, and at least six corrupt officers have been arrested already. His real situation is hence not that bad as he things. There is a strong possibility that the investigations will lead to his release by the end of this year.But even if the real dangers, which his is objectively facing, should disappear, I do not believe that Mr Zachel will be able to cope with his fears and traumata without help. I hear with great relief that he is now realising the need for professional help himself.
I should also mention that Mr Zachel has panicked and hurt himself at some occasion when he was handcuffed or chained.
I am prepared to confirm the above statements under oath.
Duly signed and confirmed at this 23rd Day of June 1998

Dr Hans Reimer Balzer

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*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.

Letter from Dr Balzer to Advocate Meintjies (SA)

Dr. Hans Reimer Balzer send on the 22/02/99 09:35Ref.-No. PVT 98022899-02-22RE: Your letter dated 99-01-28Dear Advocate Meintjies,I confirm with thanks receipt of your letter dated January 28, 1999, singed by T.G. Marx.I can understand that you did not “expect” the sworn duplicate. It was issued in the light of the experience that certain evidence tends to “disappear” in South Africa. I am glad you also confirm receipt of my fax dated February 4th, 1998, proving that you were in possession of the information all the time, and that police could have conducted independent investigations.It is not necessary to go comment on each of your responses. The overall message is clear: You refuse to investigate into affairs, which are internationally regarded as very serious crimes, like forgeries, industrial espionage, obstruction of justice, etc. All evidence is at your disposal (e.g. at Adriaan Vlok Police Station; I have copies), nothing is “hearsay”. The fact, that the state is protecting plain criminals, is now evident. Especially your argument in par. 5 of your letter leads our juridical system ad absurdum: No investigation into crimes, which are allegedly committed against an accused. This is how the argument is understood in Strasbourg, London, and the international press. A crime is a crime, as you admit – and you do have all evidence -, but a crime will not be prosecuted or investigated into, if a case against a victim of such a crime is pending?I left South Africa as soon as had secured all evidence, which I took with me. Of course I possess a duplicate of the banking licence, statements taken by police about the British counterfeits which disappeared in the OSEO, the intimidation of a witness by OSEO officers, the co-operation with former CCB “operationals” (professional killers by all means), etc. I did not need any further investigations since then. Mr Oatley confirmed and supplemented the package independently.I spoke to horror-stricken ABSA officers, and will use their affidavits in camera as soon as it becomes unavoidable to achieve Mr. Zachel’s release. Moreover, and this nobody knew yet, a very brave person from the OSEO with a working conscience talked to me in confidence all the time. The whole story and more, and I know what I am doing when I call some OSEO-officers just gangsters.A first, very moderate press release was received with overwhelming reactions from all over the world, encouragement – and requests for further details, which are in my vault. It kept me very busy. Copies are issued to Strasbourg (Human Rights), Wall Street Journal (conducting their own investigations), all major agencies and about 800 independent newspapers.I can only see two basic options for your office: Either the state continues to discredit the South African juridical system internationally to such an extent, that no applications will even be looked at in the future (like Nigeria or North Korea). Or you leave us in peace and withdraw the measurements against Mr Zachel. The syndicate will collapse anyhow, be it by internal (prosecution?) or external (isolation?) means, so why should I play its executioner? I feel I have done and sacrificed enough for justice in South Africa. So has Mr Zachel.The anonymous threats after my press release are a kind of encouragement. Any hostile act whatsoever will immediately be reported, and substantially support our position. Neither London nor New York are just amused about the evidence that the South African state is protecting the forgers and distributors of currency-counterfeits – a fact which has been proven beyond doubt. There might even be sentiments in New York against a bank whose leader has been exposed as former terrorist recently, before a British court.You might read this letter, or parts of it, more than once, since it goes out to the media simultaneously.

Yours Faithfully

Dr. Hans Reimer Balzer

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*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
**They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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