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From 1966 on I lived in Koln and build up my own painting business and widened it, together with other small companies to a well known and successfully buildings company with contracts al over the place.

My earnings I invested in Apartments, Bungalows, Villas, Hotels and building areas around the world, all projects went into an Foundation and the earnings, after paying all costs and taxes, 50% went to charity projects, 30% was for re-investment and 20% in private accounts.

In-between I travelled to the Sahara dessert where I lived some months with the Touareg nomad’s who led me to Abyssinia

Were I found in 1969 the first of the Gestapo men who murdered my mother, after I dealt with him I went back to Germany.
After some time I received information thorough friends from the resistance, now members of special units, agencies etc., all over the world, who supported and informed me and had knowledge about my crusade about a second Gestapo man, who lived in the Congo
I went to the Congo but he had fled to Namibia
And later to Mozambique,
Were I followed and found and deal with him and after that I went back to Germany were I married my second wife, who left me in 1989

In 1981, I received info that the last two were together in Rhodesia, so I went to Rhodesia,

They were warned from former Nazi’s and had left, but I followed them.#

Thorough several African Countries to Kaptown, where they had left for South America, so I hired as a cool shipper on a ocean traveler and went to Brazil and Panama, were I worked as a bartender until I had money enough, send from friends in Spain, to follow them, and found them both in the Mata Grosso Plains,

At the Andes were I dealt with them

After that I travelled through the jungles via several countries, to Mexico and San-Francisco, were I gathered a tender to Japan, from there via ship to India and via land routes to the Sahara dessert were I visited some friends be the Touaregs with whom I had lived for some months, as I hunted and found the first murderer, and in 1979 I returned back home. Friends I told that I hat lived the whole time in Spain and Italy.

In 1943, were I was in the resistance, I was on a secret mission as I could see the SS who hunted a Fighter Pilot who was shot down

And parachuted to earth,

I run and was faster as the SS, token the Pilot to my secret place in the woods were I left him and went to the SS soldiers who I let in a false direction. After dark I brought him to a secret place in our village we used for refugees all the time, an old church direct at the cemetery, the „Patronat“, Rutscherweg, Nieuwenhagen be Heerlen, informed my great aunt’s and uncle’s as well as my teacher, we token photo’s of him which I brought to our special operator at the castle near Malmendier/Belgium,

Were they produced

ID card and I brought it back to our village were the town Major arranged all other cards he needed to survive, after that I brought him to Oostende in Belgium were

Fisherman brought him back to England.

He visited us after the war, in 1948 for the first time and afterwards all 4 years on a regular basis. He gave me contact to several high ranked Officers from agencies as the CIA, FBI and a special unit, in the USA, who dealt only with war criminals, the mossad in Israel and others worldwide.
In 1980 he invited me to meet him in Basel / Switzerland,
Hotel Drei Koenige,

He offered me to train me as a stockbroker and later learned me the Monetary Paper Trade (MPT), the highest level of International Finance.I accepted and started these kind of trade and investment programs in Europe and in

1990 I advanced to General manager of the I.B.I. Group, the „International Bankers and Brokers Investment Group.

In 1989 I left Germany to stop my criminal activities against the Government and former Nazi’s, went to Spain were I lived at the end of 1990, as I went to Torquay in England while my adopted son told me that I hat to see Torquay, the English Riviera, so I did and loved this place immediately and decided to stay here.

*posted by Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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