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Chapter 1

My fight against Nazi's, RSA’s Money Power, OSEO (KEEM), CCB and Crime


M.J.Z. ***Crime fighter

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You want to know why I write this:

Read the chapters 1 – 8 below.



Chapter 1. My life from 1936 to 1996
Chapter 2. My life as a VICTIM of JUSTIZE
Chapter 3. Who stole? My Property out my cell after I was seduced and
Extradited to RSA
Chapter 4. My Fight against RSA’s Money
Power, the OSEO (KEEM) CCB,
Brotherhood (Broederbond) etc
Chapter 5 The “HAMMER” Report
Chapter 6 Resolution and Solution for RSA
Chapter 7 My fight against “Street “broker,
Fraudster and their Tricks
Chapter 8 How REAL / LAWFULL and SAFE Investment Programmes in reality are

Chapter 1.


Family Crest since anno 1288

My Private home in Javea

*posted by Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.

Manfred Zachel - The Man and his life

*Posted by Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.

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About Me:


Main Counsel House in Aachen / Germany

The first ten years

I was born in Aachen/Germany, a place call also the 3 Countries point, Germany,Belgium and the Netherlands, on the 30th of July 1936.My parents came from Belgium (father) and my mother from cologne (Germany),their parents from Germany / Hungary / Russia / Austria and the Netherlands.My mother was working for the Military Secret Service of Belgium and murdered by the Gestapo in 1939, and my father came in an Concentration Camp, he survived the war and died early in 1960 in Aachen.

The Sister of my father
Marie-Louise Zachel, born in Hamburg, was married with a Dutchman,
Hubert Caspar Samson,who worked in the next village (Eygelshoven) at the cool mine (Laura) and lived in Nieuwenhagen, South Limburg, Netherlands
What did the German Army occupy?

Together with three great aunts,my great aunt

Anna Roemkens-Pfennings,
Theresa Faymonville-Pfennings,
Maria Pfennings

as well as with their husbands, my great uncles

Jeff Roemkens
Claude Faimonville and
Joseph Pfennings.

They all where members of the Dutch – Résistance (who fought against the Nazis) together with

Mr. Silvertand,
Theis Spronk,
Mr. Schuurmanns and others.

In the age of five, my great-uncle (and others) started to train me to go together with the Resistance as a “Messenger boy and Scout” so I could go ahead of the grown up to search the terrain between Germany and Netherlands to bring refugees from Germany to the Netherlands and from there (after they where supplied with IDs and other needed documents) we brought them to Roermond or Namur in Belgium where other groups of the resistance token them over.I myself saved 172 men, women and children on my own in the time between1943 and 1945.
They trained me two years (until 1943) and then, (in the age of seven) on the 6th of August,I had my first mission as a scout, to search for a save route from Weisweiler via Palenberg (Germany) to a stone manufactory in Eygelshoven, nearby Nieuwenhagen (Netherlands) were we hide them a couple of days until we had contacted the mayor of our village (who organised, together with my great aunt and Theis Spronk the necessary Ids and Documents for them) so they could be brought to the next Resistance group (Voerendahl / Venlo / Roermond in Netherlands or to Luttich / Malmendier / Verviers or Namur in Belgium.Our group managed to save more as 700 refugees from Germany and over a 1.000 from the Netherlands from 1938 t0 1945.The today’s well known

Radio and TV Station in Luxembourg “R.T.L.”

Was during the second World War II (from 1943) a underground secret radio station, who I had several times to provide with messages from other groups of the Resistance from Germany / Netherlands and Belgium as well with messages came from outer Europe
That was the real beginning from the later Radio and TV Station of R.T.L.

I could write a book about all those adventures and dangerous times until the end of the war in 1945 and even the following seven years until 1952.
Several times I was in very dangerous situations and nearly caught be the German Gestapo or the “Death Head SS “ (Kettenhunde) as they where named in Germany.

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.

*Posted by Crimefighter


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