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Chapter 2

My Life from 54 to 69, 1990 to 2005

In the year 1990, at the age of 54, I decided to stop my fight against the Government and former Nazi’s, and went to Torquay/Devon, UK.
. My oldest son, who was a truck and lorry driver and transported goods from eastern Europe to Italy, Spain and Ireland, had told me so many times about the „English Riviera“, and had invited me to go there and see with my own eyes and mind, that I went in 1990 to Torbay, I lived at the „ Palace Hotel „ in Torquay
I loved this Area and stayed here, bought a house,
The „ Sycamore „ 3, St. Margaret’s Mews,
Moved my Office to
82, Ilsham Road,
Landlord: Mr. Reg P. Burnside and Carole Burnside
Brought my staff over and employed members of staff from Torquay area.

In 1994 I was advanced as President of the A.F.A. and
In 1995 to President of the I.B.I. Group,
(International Bankers and Brokers Investment Group),

Sky line of San Franzisco/California-USATravelled around the world, went to Granada, Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong

Sky Line of Singapore


Hong Kong,

Sky Line of Hong Kong

Brought credits for financing of Development Programs to Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Russia, Rumania, and African countries, France, England i.e. Countries.

It was during those trips that I was introduced to
Dr. Hans R. Balzer
from South Africa (President of the AADC (African Agricultures Development Corporation) and Vice President of the AIDC) as well as to

Gerhard Laubscher
A (High ranked officer of the NIS (National Intelligence Service of RSA) and Vice President of the AADC as well as to

Abrie Lothering
Jannie Nel and
Henry Muton

(Who showed later to be traitor and member of the so named „Broederbond”),

I met Dr. Balzer and Gerhard Laubscher for the first time in London/UK, at the “Swallow Hotel”, his proposals were very interesting so I invited him to meet me at the I.B.I. Headquarters in San Francisco, Citicorp Centre, he came together with A. Lothering who represented some South African Trusts.

We, Dr. Balzer (Jun.), Mr. Lothering and I came to an agreement and arranged the next meeting in London were I met Dr Balzer, together with Gerhard Laubscher, we agreed a co-operation, between the IBI / AFA and the AADC / AIDC

It was also agreed that a Delegation of the IBI / AFA and FIF together with a delegation from South Africa, the Musketeer Corp., the AADC and AIDC, would travel together to Romania

Members of the Delegation were:

1. Manfred J. Zachel, President of IBI and leader
2. Dr. Hans R. Balzer, President of AIDC
3. Gerhard Laubscher, Vice President of AADC
4. Robert Mc Laughlin, President of AFA
5. James M. Garrity, President of FIF
6. Heinz O. Schmaler, Vice President of FIF
7. Franz J. Schulz, General Manager of IBI
8. Abrie Lothering, Assistance Manager of AFA
9. Attila Goulay, Assistance Manager of IBI

on an information/Business- and partnership trip to negotiate with Industrial- and Economy for Development and Financing to Romania

And after the return to San Francisco, to RSA (Republic of South Africa) for Development and Financing the Economy and help the ANC to establish the „ Democracy „ in RSA, and after Rumania we wend from San Francisco to RSA,

Cap town/South Africa

Cap town

Delegation Members of the IBI Group

1. James M. Garrity (President of the F.I.F. California/USA)
2. Heinz O. Schmaler (Vice President FIF-Germany)
3. Attila Goulay (Assistance Manager AFA-RSA)
4. Manfred J. Zachel (President of IBI-Germany)
5. Franz J. Schulz (General Manager of IBI-Germany)
6. Volkmar Kant (General Manager of FIF, Germany)
7. Mr. Weidenthal (Assistance Manager FIF, Germany)

We established an office in Verwoerdburg (Centurion) and hired RSA Citizen as employees

and the following Partner

1. Dr. Detlef Balzer, Germany
2. Dr. Hans R. Balzer, South Africa
3. Gerhard Laubscher, South Africa
4. Dr. Kirsten Balzer, South Africa
5. Ian Coos, South Africa
6. Ronald Laubscher, South Africa
7. Franz J. Schulz, Germany
8. Andre Bothma, South Africa
9. Frick Bothma, South Africa

And started to investigate the Economy, Financial Market and Democracy, had meetings with Ministers, MP’s, Communities, Bankers, Trusts, Holdings, Mining Companies, SARB (South African Reserve Bank)

-19. General manager Swanepoel,
-18. Director Potgieter,
-17. Adrie Erasmus-Manager,
-16. Michael Wittmann-Adviser,
-15. Vera Swanepoel-Adviser, and others.

I hat further meetings in Zambia, Zaire, Congo, Mozambique,
Botswana, Namibia and the Seychelles, met Presidents, and other Government Authorities, arranged credits and offered development programmes etc. etc.

There were many applications for credits against Securities (pay to the applicant 30% and invest 70% in so named High Yield Program). Strange was, all offered securities, :

-14. One van Gogh painting, value $ 32,000,000
-13. Peruvian „Gold Certificates“, value $ 982,000,000
-12. Deeds of Kroegersdorp, value SA-Rand 100,000,000
-11. Bank Guaranty about $ 950,000,000, ssued be Deutsche Bank in Geneva/Swiss
-10. Emerald Deposit, deposited at Lloyds Bank London, value $ 950,000,000
-9. Kruegerrand, daily delivery of $ 30,000,000, a total selling of $ 18,000,000,000 (Billion) per annum
-8. $ 30,000,000 in cash, weekly delivery be Helicopter from Durban, to bring it in an overseas account of AFA and in a High Yield Programs
-7. South African Government Bonds, Interest 7.5% p.a., issued be the SARB, daily $ 5,000,000,000 (billion), total of $ 600 billion a year, 3,000 billion over a period of 5 years,
-6. 20% for High Yield Programmes
-5. 10% Charity
-4. 20% Development and
-3. 50% to the Government (SARB)

The problem was only, all deposits, shares, bonds etc. were false, the cash money from drug- and arms dealings etc.

I made my investigations trough friends of several Secret Services and Agencies and special units of the IBI and AFA, secret orders.

As result I uncovered the „Hammer“ Report and the trut

-2. About the missing $ 223,000,000,000 (billion),
-1. Printing of false currencies in Rand, US Dollar and British Pound Sterling, with 4 printing manufactories, the routes how these counterfeits are came, meanly via Cyprus, Tangier and Gibraltar, to England, France, Italy and Germany,
0. as well as money laundering, earned from Drug- and Arms dealing, stolen cars, falcificates of Gold- Kroegerrand- Emerald deposits and so on. Manipulated Bank Guarantees and Government Bond, falcificates of Bank Guarantees, Government Bonds, Government Deeds, Certifications of Deposit et. Etc.

Through Mario Ricci and a van Eck, (Mandatory) both were members of the Broederbond,

They offered me a Hugh percentage as commission and a membership at the Broderbund but I refused to be a part in these criminal activities,

The Syndicates, Broederbond, RSA-Mafia and other groups didn’t let me in peace and threatened me to kill me and my partners and friends would I not participate, so I reported it to the proper authorities in RSA, USA and Europe.

They where warning me and as I didn’t stop my activities there were several attempt to get me out of the country, but, I fight my whole life for that what I thought was right so they couldn’t stop me.

They made some efforts to silence me but, I had a bunch of Body Guards from Angola (top boys and very trustworthy around my house and offices around the world in Pretoria, Verwoerdburg, San Francisco, New York and Bucharest and they couldn’t tough me.

On the 23rd of August 1996 the then named OSEO (KEEM), they re-named the squad in „SKORPIO“, raised and searched my and my partners and friends houses and offices in RSA:

1. Dr. Hans R. Balzer, President of the AADC
2. Gerhard Laubscher, then Vice President of the
3. Ronald Laubscher, father of Gerhard Laubscher
4. Robert Ferguson, Manager of the Policwane Trust
5. James Garrity, President of the FIF (Finsbury’s Industries Federation

The OSEO left, after they had confiscated all Computers, Files, Seals, Scheck books, Cash, Discs and private items, which they never gave back to me,

The persons in charge were:

1. Colonel Etienne Lamprecht
2. Attorney “van Vuuren”
3. Attorney “Swanepoel”
4. Attorney Mareike Werner (now Steenkamp)
Ø Sergeant Krueger

*posted by Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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