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Chapter 6


v 12/6/2005 5:27:41 PM ccc RSA-ECONOMY and RE-ESTABLISH of the RSA-CURRENCYMZ/HRB/10-10/98 ser. no. 4/I.B.I.
1. Since the Introduction of the Financial Rand the SA-Economy and Rand collapse more and more, not at least through the criminal activities of the Old-Generals, the Old-Brotherhood and the Syndicates who were established from the above mentioned white collar criminals.
2. Should these groups not be stopped, the RSA will collaps in ca. 10 to 15 years.
3. It is foreseeable that the SA-Rand in the next few years will be outlined from R 2.2 to 1 USD to 15 to 20 in the next 10 years.
4. The only way to stop the total collaps of the RSA is to found a Broker Corp. (the South African Broker Finance International)(short S.A.B.F.I.) and start an *Special Papertrade Programm*, as well as to force the credibility of South African Government and Treasury Bonds on the International Market and especial at Wallstreet and organice the selling of those Bonds and Bills, with permission of the “International Monitary Foundation (I.M.F.) the US-Treasury and the FED
5. I am willing to do this for the people of RSA, and, I am the only one who is willing to do it, under the following conditions:
5.1 Issue an full power of attorney, together with the South African citicen Mr. Gerhard Laubscher, high ranked member if the “Nationale Intelligency Dienst (N.I.S.), while he is honest and trustworty and will do everything to help the South African Government and their people.
5.2 An Trade Contract with an agreed commission of 0.75% out of each trade.
5.3 Issue Government Bonds as follow:a.Term 1 years and 10 daysb.Interest 7.5% per annumc.Total amount 10 billion USD, split in 200Bonds a 50 million USD.
5.4 The SABFI then will open by the H.S.B.C. Hongkong and Wells Fargo California 2 accounts, one for Credit and one Tradingaccount.
5.5 Transfer of the Bonds into the accounts and open a Creditline with 6o% of the face value of the Bonds.
5.6 These Credits will not be moved, will be blocked for the period of one year and than return to the Creditor and the Bonds to the South African Government.
5.7 Out the Papertrade the Government will earn a total profit of 120 billion USD, that means, a general profit with no money involved, zero zero
5.8 The deal is done and we can enter a new contract for the following year.
6.0 Found a new Corporation under the name *African Industrial Development Association, (short A.I.D.A.) with as President Mr H.R. Balzer as Vice President Mr Gerhard Laubscher, as Secretary Mr Swanepoel of the SARB, Mr P.W. de Jager as Director of Development, Mr Julian Knights as Director of the Legal Department Mr Volkmar Kant (Germen citicen) and Mr Weidenthal (Germen Citicen) as Director and Vice Director of the Kontrol Department,
Mr Riaan Stander as Chief of Security, Mr Reginald Burnside as Director of Buildings Department, Mr Jürgen Greuling as General Manager for Im- & Exportand me as General-Manager of the Department of “Papertrade” with Unlimited General Power of Attorney.
7.0 The RSA will Issue Government Bonds for an amount of 1.0 trillion USD per annum, with an term of 10 years, Interestrate 7.5% p.a. (to issue each year,for the next 10 years)
8.0 We will open two accounts by thea.H.S.B.C. Hongkong,b.U.S.B. Zürich,c.Barclays Londond.Deutsche Bank Genevae. and 6 other major banks worldwide, 2 accounts, one for Credit and one for Trading.f. Transfer the Bonds into these accounts and start to sell those SA-Bonds and Bills on the internal market for at least 60% of face value
9.0 The RSA Government earn 50% of face value that means, 500 billion USD p.a., in 10 years $ 5,000 billion and 10% will go to the A.I.D.A., that means, $ 100 billion p.a. in 10 years $ 1,000
b. AIDA will start development of African countries in agreement with the RSA and the involved Governments
There are also some Conditions to secure the personel needs of the *Top – Management*,as there are:New personality, with a perfect new legend
a. New citicenship (RSA or an other country to the chose of the person involved.b. A Safe house at Watercloof/Pretoria,c. San-Francisco,Cal./USA,d. HongKonge. Zürich/Switzerlandf. Moskou / Russiag. New York / N.Y.-USAh. Berlin/Germanyi. Tokio/Japanj. Rio de Janeiro/Brasil andk. Andalusia/Spain, with a Park, Pool, Wirlpool, three phonelines, Internetconnectionl. Financing of three Privat Jet to our chose.m. Technical Security Installationn. Security Guards (collect be Mr. Gerhard Laubscher)o. Secure guarantee for Mr H.R. Balzer, his family Mr Kant, Mr Weidenthal,
Mr Burnside, Mr Greuling and myselfes.p. Firearm licenseq. Drive licenser. Security guarantee for all foreign employeess. Diplomatik status for G.L. / H.R.B./ Jürgen Greuling and for myself as
a >>>*Special Ambassador*<<<>
b. Pretoria / RSAc. Zürich / Switzerlandd. Straßbourg / Francee. London / UKf. Celle / Germanyg. Andalusia / Spainh. Moskou / Russiai. HongKongj. Tokio/Japank. Berlin/Germanyl. Andalusia/Spain5. Houses / Flatts for living for 5 families in the same Cities as the above mentionen offices, inkluding furniture and all necessary technical and all other belongings are to be financed be the RSA via an credit (total ca. $ 75 million) +
6. $175 million for transport vehicles to travel be air land and sea +
7. $ 60 million as handling money ($ 2.5 m. for each City and Corp. ( 2 Corporations in 10 cities = 60 m USD )
8. Creditline from ABSA Bank, on instruction of the Government, has to be $ 450 million and+
9. a handling credit about 3 million USD fora. Mr Gerhard Laubscherb. Mr H.R. Balzerc. Mr P.W. de Jagerd. Mr Swanepoele. Mr Riaan Standerf. Mr Julian Knightsg. Mr Jürgen Greulingh. Mr Volkmar Kanti. Mr Weidenthalj. Mr Reginald Burnsidek. and for Mr M.J. Zachel $ 20 million
The losses the R.S.A. get every year goes in the billions of USD and with these Management I will bring the R.S.A. back on trackTo invest ca. $ 500 million in this projekt is the very lucrativest investment a Government can make.#Posted by Crimefighter-12/6/2005 5:27:41 PM

· The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes
· * They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.
MZ/HRB/12-10/98 ser. no. 3/I.B.I.
POSSIBLE SOLUTION1. The first requirement for anybody engaged in the solution to these problems will have to have full protection, proper authority from the highest level and indemnity from prosecution as whoever undertakes the vast task of the repatriating the countries money, bonds, gold etc. will inevitable have to resort to unethical, and possible, illegal means to acquire information and transfer the funds, bonds, gold to a safe place from were it can be handed over to the proper authorities.
2. The targets are to be identified and personel visits with authority to be undertaken to initialy block accounts, deposits etc., safe properties and corporation-shares with a view to later transfer to a safe place.
3. An immediately investigation and block on the SARB from undertaking any further forward purchase for foreign currency and RSA Treasury Bonds.
4. An announcement from the Government of a possible fixing of the exchange rate whilst it is involved with rooting out corruption in the SARB.
5. The immediate removal of the Board of Directors of the SARB with the announcement that the Government is investigating and cleaning its house and, the arrest of Chris Stals and his cronies to forecom dissapearing of further funds, gold, bonds and evidence.
6. The announcement in Parliament that any Government employee or politician will be immediately dismissed from the service if any misuse of State belongings is found. This dismissal will also refuse any packages or pensions that may have accrued to the person being dismissed.
7. All loans entered into by the SARB for the period 1983 up to today and including this year should be investigated to establish were the funds are. It should also be born in mind that the SA-Banks, that lend the funds pay substantial kickbacks to increase the interest rate on slightly. Assuming that the SARB has done many of these agreements over the past years after the introduction of the Financial Rand, the questions should be answered in detail.
8. All Directors and Senior Manager of the SARB should disclose their full income packages as well as disclose their personel assets, credits and liabilities.
9. The Team must be given the authority ans jurisdiction to investigate all cases, find more evidence and to recover the funds, assets etc. belonging to the people of the RSA
10. The authorisation should be in the form of a procurate and contract given to the investigators involved in this preliminary investigation. Their duties, jurisdiction and powers should be unlimited.
11. There are other forms and solutions which can be discussed at a meeting with the parties concerned, in a neutral country,End of Solution Proposal 1998.

# Posted Crimefighter

* The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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