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Mr. G. Fitzgerald

Via Mr. M.J. Zachel; London

Montevideo, July 7th, 1998

Dear Mr Fitzgerald

Mr. Zachel gave me a short overview of your comment on the situation. We are very grateful for your efforts! His friends in America, Europe, and South Africa would be happy to support the case with further information and evidence. Being laymen in your faculty, we would however need your detailed instructions.

All witnesses on our side are taking substantial personal risks, and some have been duly warned already. However, most of them still have the courage - if it is relevant for the case in the UK. Under normal circumstances, the case would have justified an application for asylum! In fact, my lawyer in Montevideo advised me to apply for the status of a "refugee" for myself; he believes that it would be granted to me even on UN level under the given and evident circumstances.

In principle, I see the possibility to present evidence on the following aspects:

1. The role of the OSEO including the "records" of its history and (political) backgrounds. The following aspects might be of interest:
a. There were and still are similar cases, where the accused have been framed, detained, ruined, etc. like Mr Zachel, but finally found innocent by a High Court. It can be shown that OSEO frequently acted on "instruction" by ABSA in these cases (ABSA hired a former OSEO officer for this purpose, Mr Roy Simpson). ABSA is in fact based on the "Broederbond" (nationalist NS-support group in WW II).
b. I reported the OSEO to the Attorney General of the Republic of South Africa for various cases of obstruction of justice, perjury, malicious acts, corrupting witnesses, etc. in connection with Mr Zachel. I can proof all these accusations. Officers of the OSEO, for example, obstructed and tried to "block" an investigation into British and USA counterfeits. The same applies to various forgeries; a syndicate-criminal and professional killer (for the old regime) was even protected by OSEO officers against persecution. We can proof that OSEO officers themselves acted in a criminal manner.
c. Evidence that the case was extremely malicious, up to very absurd incidents. Mr Zachel had no chance to defend himself in South Africa - he was usually not even offered proper transport to the court. In two cases, mistreatment directly before a court meeting endangered his life.
d. As background, the activities of South African criminal syndicates, also rooted in the old regime, can be mentioned. OSEO officers are suspected to be involved into such activities. The Anti-Corruption-Unit is investigating into it.

2. There are no real or potential or theoretically possible victims:
a. Mr Zachel did not earn any funds in which way ever in South Africa, nor did he attempt to do so.
b. The actions held against him (AIB Seychelles etc.) could not even have lead to any potential benefits, legal or illegal, for Mr Zachel or his companies etc. Real Estate, for example, can only be paid cash in South Africa, and in now way by instruments. The funds must arrive before registration can take place. Houses are not even movable assets one could run away with... Only if the instruments would have come into effect, and not be honoured by AIB, damage could have caused (although the houses would simply not have been transferred).
c. The "sexual" accusations: Although people have been offered money to "witness" against Mr Zachel and my son, there is still no victim, because my son strongly denies any such incident. He was detained and threatened seriously in case he would not "co-operate against Zachel" - in vain. My son is prepared to witness about the matter under oath under your guidance. The so-called "evidence" is absurd - the temporarily shared room was due to a doctor's advice, because Mr Zachel needed assistance for his asthma attacks; the "Nivea"-creme (no "vaseline") was purchased by my wife for our son's skin care after extensive baths in the pool, the "witnesses" never had access to the private rooms of Mr Zachel, etc.). I also refer to my father's investigations and affidavit in this matter. Fact is that OSEO officers made life very difficult for my son in South Africa, defaming and insulting him in our neighbourhood. This and a violent assault on my wife on "instruction" by an OSEO officer motivated us to leave the country about a year ago.
d. "Jailbreak": Not even a theoretical possibility under the given circumstances. Police had originally opened a case for "abduction", only pressure by the OSEO changed it into "jailbreak".

3. Criminal syndicates behind the persecution:
a. Mr Zachel had been directly approached to get involved in various illegal businesses. He refused and announced that he would report some of these "proposals" to the police (which we did). We also learned that "Highest Circles" were part of these crimes, including Reserve-Bank officers ("government bonds" and other "instruments", all forged or non-authorised). We also learned from Intelligence Officers (talking privately) that Mr Zachel was under investigation from on this time.
b. A former ABSA-officer who was ready to talk to "neutral" police officers, was severely intimidated (can be witnessed), fearing for the life of his wife and children.
c. We nevertheless reported crimes "rejected" by OSEO to police, and due to this material about six corrupt officers have been arrested.
d. There were many other irregularities.

4. Serious security problems:
a. We cannot proof it 100%, but there are very strong indications for an attempt on Mr Zachel's life in prison. It was hours before a court meeting, which was expected to lead to his release. Instead, he swept in an enduring coma, obviously poisoned (the possible evidence, strawberry-milk, was removed before we could secure it) - but doctors cannot offer any other explanation.
b. I was informed by a South African officer, now "under cover" working for "Euro-Police" (not yet officially), that Mr Zachel would be tortured in South Africa, applying the so-called "Queenie-Game". They expose the victim to other "special" prisoners (usually Africans, with records and sentences not leaving them anything to loose), which then assault and torture ("play with") the victim. The officer added to me: "He can scream as he likes, nobody will hear it, or come. If the does not make it, well, what a nasty incident - thing like this happen, and that's it."

5. False evidence or questionable witnesses and methods:
a. It is easy to proof that some witnesses, like I. Podkopaev and James Garity, are notorious and corrupt liars, and that KEEM must have known that they committed perjury, in return for financial promises. There are, however, indications that Mr Garity has been assassinated in January 1997. He had threatened to turn against the OSEO, should they not pay him out as promised.
b. Some of the statements against Mr Zachel are not even theoretically possible, and the OSEO could have seen this at a glance.
c. The OSEO directly impeded the work of police officers by intimidation, e.g. when my wife was attacked.

I believe that there may even be a "precedence" case in the UK: Mr. Bob Aldworth, accused by ABSA/OSEO like Zachel, fled to the U.K. and wrote his book "The Infernal Tower" about (or against) ABSA. He was found innocent in South Africa an almost all charges.

I would strongly advice you to contact advocate Mr. W. Cornelius (phone: +27-82-5508184) in Pretoria. Being Mr Zachel's lawyer, he was (possibly still is) under observation and will not talk freely on the phone (still tapped). But he claims to hold the "key for Zachel's freedom in the U.K.", and I have all reasons to believe him. His sources are extraordinary good. He can be trusted in our opinion.

In short: The case looks like a malicious set-up, committed by a Gestapo-like institution, linked to a criminal network, which is rooted in the old regime of the Apartheid-years. Not by incident, we have been threatened to "perish like Robert Smith" - a MP, assassinated year ago when we wanted to disclose certain facts relating to such activities before a parliamentary committee. Evidently still a common modus operandi for these groups.

Every South African police officer will know that Mr Zachel would not be treated in line with Human Rights in case of an extradition. The "Human Rights Watch" criticises South African jails. Mr Zachel has never given a chance to explain the facts to the investigating officer - the man only shouted at him and threatened him (I translate from Afrikaans): "I will finish you, I finished everyone so far".

I believe that I could exercise substantial political pressure on South Africa, especially the Minister for Foreign Affairs, but this will not influence the Department of Justice, which is mot sensitive against any "political interference". Which Department is, in fact, formally responsible, and could theoretically "withdraw" - do the procedures fall under Foreign Affairs in international Terms?

According to Mr Cornelius, the OSEO offered Mr Zachel's release, if he would give them certain codes and "instructions", enabling them to get hold of substantial funds. When he was arrested, I had disabled all codes - soon afterwards, a CCB operative tried to get hold of the funds.

In a previous case (Mr Key, being acquitted after 5 years of de-facto house arrest, also ABSA/OSEO, 70 "witnesses", many "charges", zero outcome) the OSEO has been criticised by the judge for revealing classified material from their "victim".

The Vice General Attorney, advocate van Vuuren, who applied for the warrant of arrest, has been publicly criticised for manipulations in the Winnie Mandela case some years ago.

Superintendent Lambrechts from the OSEO travelled overseas in June or July last year to gather evidence, with no results. He is suspected for involvement in a car-theft syndicate.

We look forward to receive your detailed instructions, which I will directly "distribute" to the South African and European witnesses.

Sincerely Yours
(Dr. Hans Reimer Balzer)

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