Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Hot_St0ck Trading Alerts for Monday!!!________________________________________ In the current oil market, select small energyDeals are flying. With growing demand,Shrinking supplies, and government support forDomestic energy projects, is there a betterSector to invest in? A Huge PR Campaign Has Begun For Monday and All of next weeks trading with this one at only$.02 very huge gains are possible! You may wantTo Act Very Quick!! With this in mind, we would like to present aCompany poised for big returns: PREMIUM PETROLEM, INC. Symbol: PPTL. PK Current Price: $0.025Short Term Target Price: $0.0533 month Target Price: $0.12 Premium Petroleum, Inc. is a diversified energyCompany focused on exploiting the vast oil andGas reserves of Northern Canada. With a strongManagement and technical team, PremiumPetroleum will apply innovative technologiesTowards the discovery and development of aDiverse portfolio of high value, low riskEnergy projects. The company just went publicIn August of this year, and is in a position toDo great things. ***Why we believe PPTL is a Winner*** ++News From the Sector++ * Crude oil prices continue to remain high,Nearly double the price of the previous year. * Natural gas futures have more than doubledCompared with a year ago and are expected toProduce huge heating bills this winter acrossMuch of the United States. * According to a Goldman Sachs report, OilMarkets have entered a "super-spike" periodThat could see 1970's-style price surges asHigh as $105 a barrel. *Chinese and Indian oil demand continues toSurge with no end in sight. ++News From PPTL++ * Aug 10, 2005 - Premium Petroleum goes public * Sep 8, 2005 - Premium Petroleum purchasesThe gas rights to 640 acres of proven land. * Sep 14, 2005 - A study commissioned byPremium Petroleum values gas rights on acquiredProperty to be approximately $8,000,000 perWell with a 12 well potential. LATEST NEWS: CALGARY, Alberta--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 31,2005--Premium Petroleum, Inc. is pleased toAnnounce that it has initiated its SeismicProgram on its Boyne Lake Gas Project. Due toThe channel sand nature of the geology at theSite, management has decided to shoot a seismicProgram to assist in identifying the optimumDrill location on the subject lands. To thisEnd, a highly respected geophysical firm ofPetrel Robertson Consulting Ltd. has beenRetained to design, oversee, and interpret a 3-Line 8 km seismic program. This program shouldBe completed and interpreted within the next 30To 60 days, subject to equipment availability. "The power of seismic is that it raises theProbability of success," commented BruceThomson, President and Chief Executive OfficerOf Premium Petroleum, Inc. "In this case fromAn estimated 35% to an over 70%," concludedThomson. The time to get in on this is Now! Once theseSmall companies start moving, they appreciateRapidly. Please Watch this one trade all week! ________________________________________________Disca1mer:Information within this em4i c0nta1ns "f0rw4rd0ok1ng st4t3ments" within the meaning ofSect10n 27Aof the Secur1ties Act of 1933 andSecti0n_21B of the Secur1ties_Exchange_Act of1934. Any statements that express or inv0lveDiscussi0ns with respect to pred1cti0ns,Expectati0ns, beliefs’, plans, pr0jecti0ns,Objectives, goals, assumptions or futureEvents or performance are not statements ofHistorical fact and may be "f0rw4rd 0ok1ngSt4t3ments". "F0rw4rd 0ok1ng st4t3ments" areBased on expectations, estimates andPr0jections at the time the statementsAre made that involve a number of risks andUncertainties that could cause actual resultsOr events to differ materially from thosePresently anticipated. We were paid a sum ofThree th0us4nd USD to disseminate thisInformation from ir marketing. F0rw4rd 0ok1ngSt4t3ments in this action may be identifiedThrough the use of words such as "projects","F0resee", "exp3cts", "wi", "ant1cipates","Est1mates", "believes", "understands" or thatBy statements indicating certain acti0ns "may","C0uld", or "might" occur. Risk fact0rs includeGeneral economic and business conditions, theAbility to acquire and develop specificProjects, the ability to fund operations andChanges in consumer and business consumptionHabits and other factors over which the companyHas little or no control. The publisher of thisNewsletters does not represent that theInformation contained herein are true andCorrect.

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*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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