Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I arrived in Zurich the next morning, consulted my Bank and learned that my assets were frozen and hat to get a court order from South Africa to *>>>“defreeze“<<< my assets so I wend to Frankfurt where A very good friend,

Dr. Detlef Balzer expected me and brought me in his private home

. Where I stayed for some time, received proper medical treatment from specialists and learned to use my legs again and July 2005 I could make my first steps and park my wheelchair in the garage.

On the 27th of July I travelled with Dr. Balzer to London, had, after several Phone calls and E-Mails with Mrs. Kay Featherstone, Assistant of Mr. John Podmore, first Governor at Brixton Prison, on the 28th a meeting with an Mr. Paul Ward (Head of Operation) at Brixton Prison to gather my belongings but:




I left London and wend to Torquay/Devon where I had my house but

I had to go to a Hotel, arranged by an other friend of mine:
Mr. Reg P. and Carole Burnside, while my house was sold during my stay at Brixton Prison.

I stayed at The Regency Hotel
Owner Mr Cor van den Hoek (an exelent cook and
fiance Thelma Hall (a very talented professional Singer

The restaurant is spacious with separate tables. The chef owner personally prepares a varied menu. The bar is incorporated in the restaurant, an added convenience for pre-dinner drinks or to relax and enjoy the nightly entertainment, for those guests who require a quieter time there is a guest lounge, with superb views.

All bedrooms are en-suite and to a very high standard, some enjoy balconies with sea views. The hotel is centrally heated, is open all year and has good car parking facilities. Short and weekend Breaks are also available.

I learned that, if you are wealthy and no financial problems you have loots of friends but:

If luck left you and you are in troubles like me, you learn who are your real friends.

I lost nearly all of my so named friends, not a hand full remained, as there was A.Lothering, H. Muton, van Rendsburg, C. Newton, H.O. Schmaler, J.M. Garrity, A. Gualay and others but;

During my stay at the Regency Hotel I found new and real friends, I was penniless and poor but they helped me without been paid or expecting to earn something from me, real and very good friends and they are very very rear indeed;

Cor van den Hoek (Netherlands)
Thelma Hall (Northern Ireland)
Rose, Monica, Gemma,
And Conrad Peutherer
Reg Burnside

Carol Burnside
Mark Gilmartin
Adrian Sanders

Who was very helpful, he helped me selfless to settle my problems and arranged with the Torquay authorities that I get a pension and the rent for a own flat, with the help of Reg Burnside who paid the first rent and the deposit.
They all helped me to settle in and now I life at my new home, Middle Flat, 280-Teignmouth Road, St Mary church, Torquay, TQ1 4RW, arranged a phone line and accesses to Internet, medical treatment etc.

Unfortunately there were some people, unknown to me,
Who advised him not anymore support me, it should be better for his future not to be involved in my curries, he couldn’t know in what he would be involved, I was a criminal and

*>>>” once a criminal, always a criminal”<<<

Ø And it would be better for his healthy future should he not be involved in my matters, I could solve my problems by my selves
On the 20th of September 2005, I moved into my new home were Conrad helped me to settle in but

From Friday the 30th of September I didn’t see Conrad anymore and on Tuesdays the 25th of October I learned from friends, who he has told that he would not visit or help me anymore, what going on.

I feel very sorry for Conrad; he was a real good and selfless friend but; I know those Syndicates well, and especially the South Africans and I know how the Intelligence Services are working especial MI5 or 6, NIS, CIA etc.

They made a great mistake and they should know that *>>>”a man who survived four attempts to assassinate him, and a nine years imprisonment as as innocent men,

won’t fail when he is free and on his own,

that shows the inability of surety and syndicate people, the real criminals of the Nation.

I life now here, look after my selves, and prepare myself for a new live as a free man.

*Posted by: Crimefighter on the 06.12.2005 21:17:26

* The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
* They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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