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I send a letter to the than acting Secretary, Mr. Jack Straw,

Manfred Josef Zachel
BX 4935 - G101
HMP Brixton
Jebb Avenue

HM Secretary of State
His Excellency. Jack Straw
Home Office
50 Queen Anne’s Gate

Ref.: Requested extradition to South Africa

I, Manfred Josef Zachel, awaiting reconsideration of the requested extradition to South Africa in detention in HMP Brixton, apply to HM Secretary of State to consider the following arguments for a reviewing about my extradition besides the current procedures in The High Court.
I am deeply concerned by the assumption that the decision of HM Home Office, dated 13th of July 2000, might be based on serious misrepresentations of facts, presented by the director of the “Investigating Department of Serious Economic Offences (IDSEO)”, hereafter referred as “OSEO” (Office for Serious Economic Offences), the former name of this institution.
This, obviously, lead the HM Home Office to the conclusion that I would get a fair trial, should I be extradited to the Republic of South Africa (RSA). Unfortunately and independent from the undisputed integrity of the High Courts in RSA, this will not be the case, because of the apparent misconduct by the OSEO, including various illegal acts.
As from the OSEO director and Director of Public Prosecution of the Attorney General’s office Pretoria, Mr. Jan Abraham Swanepoel, hereafter referred as “Swanepoel”, declared in his “Statement under Oath”, dated 31st of January 2000 (Ref. 1/4/3/10/96) handed to HM Home Office, attn. HM Secretary of State, Mr. Jack Straw:
A.1. – “Lawful search and seizing”, Para. 10, page 6; Para. 15/16, page 9/10 and Para. 24, page 19
A.2. - “Zachel was informed about his charges”. Para. 12, page 6
A.3. - “Allegations in regard to false bonds, counterfeit etc, were vague . . .” page 2; Para. 30, page 12
A.4. - “Escape”, Para. 16, page 22; Para. 17, page 22 and Para. 30, page 13
A.5. - “Treatment” page 2/3; Para. 28, page 12 and Para. 6, page 17
A.6. - “Chained to the bed”, Para. 5, page 20 and Para. 7, page 24
Are false.
Iin Para. 24, page 9, Swanepoel stated as follows: “The charges against Zachel are based on “Evidence”, obtained by means of “Affidavits” and “Documents”, seized during a “lawful” search and seizure procedure.
Was it really a lawful search and seizure procedure?
Swanepoel stated:
A.1.1. - Para. 10, page 6: “When conducting a search, it is legally expected of Police Officials, executing the search, to explain the purpose, and the contents of the search warrant to the owner etc.
A.1.2. - Para. 15/16, page 9/10: In terms of section 30 (3) of the Act 117, the person from whom documents etc are seized is entitled to a copy thereof.
What really happened:
On the 21st of August 1996, the OSEO searched my house. Although I asked several times to tell me what they were looking for, neither Superintendent Lambrecht nor Advocate Marieke Werner (Steenberg) informed me about the purpose and contents of the search warrant.
They confiscated more than 6.000 documents, 7 computer, 92 discs, 8 corporate seals, 3 leather briefcases, 2 metallic briefcases, 145 files, 27 folders, ca 300 photographs, 12 chequebooks from banks in overseas, 35 traveller cheques, 182 company shares and other items as one word processor, two laptops etc. It was known to the OSEO that information from the confiscated computers discs and documents in my house contained secret information, including codes, which could facilitate transfer and release of substantial funds in overseas banks.
A specific listing was not given to me. Lambrecht and Werner/Steenkamp confirmed to me that they confiscated several boxes containing documents, computers etc.
They would issue a “Specific listing” of all my belongings later. Ms. Werner made this suggestion to Lambrecht, who agreed after a long discussion with Werner, who explained to him: “To list all this takes 20 men three days, we are only 8, we can’t do that”. Lambrecht phoned Swanepoel, and after a short conversation he agreed and gave order “Put all in boxes, we check it later”, and so they did. Until today I did not receive a specific listing, so it was impossible for me, my lawyers or authorised persons to reconstruct my confiscated records and properties. Moreover, OSEO denies the confiscation of all material, which would prove my innocence, although witnesses saw that such evidence was indeed confiscated by the OSEO and “disappeared”. This evidence includes the original banking license for AIB, proving the existence and good standing of this bank. It was in my private safe.
Swanepoels “Statement under Oath”, regarding his given evidence, “Lawful search and seizure” and “Lawful issuing of a correct receipt” Para. 10, page 6; Para. 15/16 and Para. 24, page 9, are false.
Swanepoel committed perjury in at least 4 points.
A.2. - Para. 12. Page 6: Swanepoel stated “The allegations that Zachel was arrested and detained without being charged is not true. At the time of his arrest, he was properly informed that he was arrested of fraud”.
I was only informed of “Fraud, committed in Gauteng from Mars until June 1996”. This general information cannot be the proper information. No details, no declaration, what way of fraud is charged, no declaration about the victim or the victims, therefore no possibility to prepare a defence.
A.3. - Page 2/3: Swanepoel stated: Meeting on 6.12.1996 with captain Strydom and Dr. Hans R. Balzer: “During this meeting Zachel made allegations with regards to fraudulent use of bonds etc., . . . . . These allegations were vague and unsubstantiated”.
A.3.1. - Para. 30, page 13: Balzer does not name the people . . . . .. This makes it impossible to follow up this allegations with the person in question.
Fact is that I reported the following facts, and offered to present evidence, in presence of Swanepoel, Captain Strydom, Dr. Hans R. Balzer:
A.3.a. - about false shares of “Wessex”, amount 500 millions USD, offered to me through Charles Newton (alias Lester, former member of CCB), and Wynand Louw, former director in ABSA Bank.
A.3.b. - RSA-bonds, 1995 – 2004, amount 5 billion USD, through C Newton, W. Louw, Robert Ferguson, Paul Cofinas UK, National Bank of Greece UK, Mr. Potgieter and Dr. Kok SARB.
A.3.c. - RSA-bonds 1995 – 2004/1996/2006, amount 10 billion USD, involved persons as above.
A.3.d. - Bank guarantees, issued by Deutsche Bank, Bayrische Hypothekenbank, Barclays, to benefit of ABSA, Boland Bank, Dr. Anton Rupert, one billion USD per month, permanent for 3 years, total amount 36 billion USD. Involved: C Newton, W. Louw, R. Ferguson, A. Rupert, the above mentioned banks, All data are saved on my computers and/or discs/files/folders, confiscated by OSEO without issue of a receipt.
A.3.e. - 10.000 Krueger-Rand, daily delivery through Bank in UK, offer from W. Louw, C Newton, R. Ferguson as agents/mandatory of owner, and P. Cofinas and the Polekwane Trust (Dir. Joe Tshabalala), Potgieter, ABSA/SARB/Nat West.
A.3.f. - Cash funds from Durban Syndicate through “Boereleenbank”, 30 millions USD monthly, cash change and deposit at ABSA, agent W. Louw.
A.3.g. - Same transaction as 3.f., from Germany, via UK Bank, agent Pieter Goslar from Durban.
A.3.h. - Confirmation “Contract” against Dr. Hans R. Balzer
A.3.i. - Peruvian Gold Certificate, 943 million USD, guaranteed by B-B Lugano (Lugano Gang). Persons: N v Rensburg, Henry Moeton, D-B Lugano.
A.3.j. - 300 tons of gold deposit Swiss, to use as security for high yield. Involved persons: C Newton, R. Ferguson, and Fessera.
The above information was given oral on 6th of December 1996 and in writing on 23rd of December 1996.
As can be seen, my statement was detailed. I named 12 persons and 8 involved banks/institutions. The OSEO refused to make proper investigations. The General Attorney did not investigate in spite of all evidence. Witnesses have been intimidated severely. Under such circumstances, and keeping in mind the tremendous influence of some of the persons named above, there cannot be a “fair trial”.
Swanepoel stated false in two points.
A.3.1. - After I learned from Dr. Hans R. Balzer that the OSEO, Director Swanepoel, and the Attorney General d’Oliveira, refused to investigate real serious crimes, I stated on 10th of October 1998 to the National Intelligence Service an report about counterfeits in SA Rand, USD, GBP, false use of bonds, bank guarantees, corruption, fraud, theft etc. I also gave in my letter to HM Home Office, dated 10th of July 1999 some of this information. The Home Office could check it through MI V and VI to see who is right, OSEO or Zachel.
Swanepoel made at Para. 30, page 2 and Para. 30, page 13 again false allegations.
A.4. - Para. 16/17, page 22: Swanepoel stated: “According to the information available to OSEO, Zachel was able to walk. Despite “strict security measurements” put in place, he managed to escape. The OSEO reported his escape to the RSA Police Service”.
In fact persons unknown to me abducted me. This was reported to the South African Police Service (witnesses: Dr. Hans R. Balzer and Colonel P.W. de Jager of the Community Police Service Centurion). Two days later OSEO interfered and changed the case into “escape”.
Due to my physical constitution (I could not walk, not climb stairs, not sit, only stand or lay flat) it was impossible for me to escape, even with help from friends. To walk only one Yard I needed ca 1.5 minutes. To get to a car, 2 strong men were needed to carry me, and the car had to be a station car while I only could lay flat. But, at that time, only one station car left the clinic. It was a station car from the Correctional Service Department. A 2 high wall, plus an electro fence surrounded the Clinic.
Swanepoels allegations are false again.
A.5. - Treatment: Swanepoel states on page 2/3 that I was seen by a doctor on a “daily basis” and was visited by my private doctor an a daily basis.
In fact I was seen by the Prison Doctor (Dr. Putter) only 3 times in 61 days and by my private doctor 13 times in 41 days (16.10. to 7.11.1996). There were no daily visits by a doctor, daily only by nurses and most of them were not qualified nurses.
A.5.1. - Para. 28, page 12: This office contacted Dr. Kirsten (Zachel’s private physician) and according to him Zachel suffered from symptoms similar to “syncope” which causes unconsciousness and caused him to be hospitalised.
A.5.2. - Para. 28, page 17: Swanepoel states “Zachel suffered from symptoms similar to syncope, which caused unconsciousness and caused him to be hospitalised.”
This is a lie.
Fact is: A.5.2.a. - Before my detention on the 27th of September 1996, Dr. Kirsten treated me only for: Breathing problems (bronchitis), burning sensations in the oesophagus, growing thyroid, high blood pressure.
This was reported by Dr. Kirsten to Dr. Putter from the correctional Medical Service Team in the 02nd of October 1996 by phone at 11:15 am, and not, as stated by Swanepoel, symptoms similar to syncope.
A.5.2.b. - Before my arrest (27th of September 1996)
A.5.b.1. - I never collapsed, fell unconscious, or was admitted to a hospital in a comatose condition.
A.5.b.2. - I was able to walk, had no pain or difficulties to use my right arm or leg, would I have suffered syncope, why I did never collapse?
A.5.2.c. - During my detention in South Africa I collapsed three times and was admitted in a comatose condition to hospital, where, “doctors, who worked for the prison”, treated me.
The 3rd time was on 30th of January 1997. I collapsed, fell in coma and was admitted to Wilgers Hospital Pretoria, where they took me in intensive care unit in a comatose condition for three days. The 4th day they admitted me to a word for intensive examinations. Intensive examinations were performed. I hat not suffered an ordinary heart attack and the doctors could not find any specific chemical or medical explanation at all, to explain my sudden collapse and comatose state I was in the past four months.
Only due to the fact that the Prison Nurse, who gave me first aid, phoned Dr. Kirsten and Colonel Kleynhans, my life was saved. I remained deeply unconscious in the Intensive Care Unit. Later the doctors declared to me that they were unable to diagnose the cause for my critical condition. Even weeks later I could not concentrate, suffered hallucinations and related serious syndromes.
In the morning of the 30th January 1997, the morning of my breakdown, one in the prison offered me a milk shake (Strawberry). I only drank a part of it, before I fell in dizziness and then everything was a black hole. I cannot remember anything. I woke up the 2nd of February 1997 in the Intensive Care Unit at Wilgers Hospital Pretoria. I was informally informed that the symptoms indicated poisoning or “drugging”. On the day of my collapse, I was – according to my lawyer – likely to be released from prison after a court hearing, which was cancelled.
A.5.3 - Para. 6, page 17: Swanepoel stated: “Zachel was already ill before his detention”. This is false.
A.5.3.a. - As mentioned above (A.5.2.a.) I was treated by Dr. Kirsten for absolute normal degeneration of age, never for “syncope” and these would never have caused collapses, unconsciousness etc..
A.5.3b. - Since the 10th of October 1996 my medical health deteriorated quickly. The first pain in back, neck, chest occurred, as from 16th of October 1996 I had difficulties to use my right hand and leg, which I had never before, and as from the 26th of November 1996 I was unable to walk and had to use a wheelchair.
My health deteriorated rapidly and now I suffer from:
Dropsy, angina pectoris, high blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease, posttraumatic stress disorder, depression, hallucinations, etc. etc. and have to use a wheelchair permanently.
In RSA prison I collapsed three times, by the last I would have died, would the Prison Sister, Colonel Kleynhans and Dr. Kirsten not have saved me.
A.5.3.c. - As already explained, before my arrest I never collapsed. As from the time I was transmitted to Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria until now, I never collapsed again, fell unconscious, had to be admitted to a hospital and in an Intensive Care Unit. Why not?
A.5.3.c.1. – Before being arrested I never ever collapsed, fell unconscious or for this reasons came into a hospital for over 60 years (1936 until 12th of December 1996)
A.5.3.c.2. - As from the 30th of January 1997, neither in Wilgers Hospital in Pretoria, nor in Lynnmed Clinic, until 29th of June 1997 (5 months).
A.5.3.c.3. - As from 29th of June until 17th of July, when I was abducted and
A.5.3.c.4. - As from 19th of July 1997, until today (year 2001), more than three and a half years.
Would I suffer from “Syncope” I would have collapsed several times since 29th of January 1997, but I did not.
A.6. - Para. 5, page 20: Swanepoel stated: “Lambrecht denies that he gave order that Zachel is to be chained to the bed”.
This statement is false.
Lambrecht gave this instruction by phone to the Prison-Hospital of Pretoria Central Prison on the 21st of November 1996, and there are witnesses for this fact.
Swanepoel is simply lying, to deceive HM Home Office in order to get me back to South Africa. He knows that my freedom would be extremely dangerous to prominent members of the Broederbond, because I would expose their crimes.

The General Attorney, Mr. Swanepoel committed perjury. He stated under oath:
1. Search and seizure were lawful.
2. Zachel signed and received the listing about confiscating
3. Zachel was properly informed about charges
4. Zachel received proper treatment
5. Lambrecht did not order to chain Zachel to the bed
6. Zachel suffered already before his detention of “Syncope”
7. Zachel was already ill before his arrest
8. No corporate seals were confiscated
9. Zachel escaped from Lawful Custody
10. Zachel will receive fair trial
11. Zachel will be safe in RSA
12. Zachel will be detained according to Human Dignity.

OSEO has proceeded like against me as already in other cases. After a protracted “five year” legal battle, the Attorney General’s Office withdrew all charges since 1993. I am not the only case, held on false charges, mistreated, assassinated, assaulted, unlawful searched and seized, and ruined.
Mr. Mbuli, who was investigating allegations of Police’ and Official’s involvement in corruption and organised crime, was arrested 1997 and remained in custody at Pretoria Local Prison. After three failed bail applications and at least one attempt to assassinate him, the ICD confirmed allegations of police-fabrication of evidence and interference with witnesses to bring in criminal charges against him.
Mr. Mbisi died as a consequence of ill treatment in prison whilst held on apparently false charges, brought against him by a police officer.
Mr. Tembe (Ingvavuma Prison Kwa Zulu Natal) died.
ICD investigated 187 cases of death by police. Cape Town Police protected criminals.

There are more victims:

Harold and Coralee Thomas, Mervin Key, Lawrie McIntosh, Julian Askin, Jenny Wild, Mr. Mduduzi and others, all wrongly charged by the OSEO.

I understand and accept that these facts have been unknown to HM Home Office, which acted in good faith. But these facts can be verified from the United Kingdom. I appeal for my immediate release, because I would evidently not get a fair trial or human treatment in South Africa. I offer my co-operation to the British Authorities with regard to all matters mentioned above.

Manfred Joseph Zachel

But he never responded to me,


Is there no right for foreign citizen?

or is it

>>>“While it was him not allowed ???????????????<<<“

At the same time I made the same appeal for help and mercy to the

Prime Minister, TONY BLAIR


In public, Your Excellency (Mr. Tony Blair)

Whey you never answered my appeal for life and safety???????

1. Is it that you had no permission from the South Africans?


2. Is it while you don’t care about foreign nationals and Germans in particular!!!!!!!


3. is it while your staff never gave you my letter, so you couldn’t respond at all ???????

Now you have the possibility to answer me, please respond and I would be very grateful for your respond.

*posted by Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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