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Letter from a former high ranked member of the South African „National Intelligence Servise“,
send to Dr, Detlef Balzer in Germany.

Samstag, (Saturday) 30. Januar 1999

Dr Balzer

Thank you for your letter. I will certainly met the journalist if he comes to South Africa.

There is another court-case presently in England. A South African, Juliun Askin, former chairman of Tollgate, is appealing against being extradite to South Africa in the Brittish High Court.

Askin recruited a former Brittish intelligence and former Under-Secretary of State, Michael Oatley, to get evidence against ABSA.

He presented the High Court with evidence that ABSA and the former Hit Squads (CCB) worked together and that the present Chairman of ABSA, Danie Cronje, provided them with secret bank accounts.

This is precisely what Mr Z said in his letter and I am sure Mr Z's lawyers can make use of that information.

I have already told the people here in South Africa (Police intelligence) about the case and they are looking at it.

I am glad that Matthias is once again with his parents.

Best regards

Gerhard Laubscher

*posted by Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.

Extraction from *“Dangereous Deceipts“

The truth behind one of the most shocking scandals of recent years, exposing a web of corruption involving the Broederbond, the South African government, and the criminal misuse of billions of rand of taxpayers' money -- money that could have helped build the new South Africa. In March1990, shortly after Nelson Mandela's release from prison, Julian Askin, a British businessman, led a consortium of investors in acquiring the Tollgate Group, one of South Africa's biggest industrial companies. He soon discovered that he had been grossly misled by the company's bankers -- Trust Bank, now part of Absa, South Africa's largest bank, controlled by Broederbond members. A confrontation with Absa led to the bank's liquidation of Tollgate and subsequent harrying of Askin, culminating in his arrest at gunpoint by Italian authorities suborned by South Africa. On his arrest being declared illegal by the Italian Supreme Court, Askin began a detailed investigation which uncovered a conspiracy by the South African Reserve Bank, another Afrikaner-controlled institution, to defraud the state in order to benefit Absa's Afrikaner shareholders, including the Rupert Group and Sanlam.;In spite of death threats being made to Askin and his family, the facts are now uncovered, to reveal a terrifying account of the relentless pursuit of an individual by a massive institution with powerful hidden supporters. Frank Welsh, author of A History of South Africa and Uneasy City, an investigation of London's financial institutions, has prepared this account of the extent to which the Afrikaner Broederbond was able to maintain its influence, and the extent of its corruption both before and after the election of Nelson Mandela as President

Emerald van Zyl Consulting welcomes you to Bank gate!

b All about banking in South Africa you're not supposed to know, because

They LIE ........ They STEAL ......... they CHEAT

and they've been getting away with this because the Government allows them to. Recently in Parliament, when the Minister of Finance, Mr. Trevor Manuel, criticized the banks for charging consumers excessively high banking charges, Mr. Manuel was not correct in making such a statement. Most of these fees are illegal and not recoverable under the directives of the Usury Act, however banks are charging consumers these fees, for the simple reason that the Department of Trade and Industry stopped administrating the Usury Act nine years ago, so there is a lack of much needed monitoring. It is therefore my considerate opinion that Mr. Manuel should have criticized the Minister of Trade & Industry for not administrating a Law of Parliament. Furthermore, banks are making more profit out of these illegal fees, than on interest.
Here are the facts:-
When four large banks in England were recently accused of overcharging their clients by up to 5-billion pounds, the British Government immediately ordered an investigation.
In the United States a judge has ordered Visa and MasterCard to refund an estimated $ 800-million to U.S. customers who paid a hidden fee on purchases made in foreign countries. The case centred on a 1% surcharge Visa and MasterCard added to the amount of credit card transactions, and was not permitted.
In South Africa, however, the Government approaches similar issues in a completely different manner. Well documented and staggering evidence is the proof that banks in South Africa have been overcharging clients with hundred of millions of rand in unearned interest and other illegal debits under the directives of the Usury Act, to the detriment of the consumer - normally the poorest of the poor. This is how the Government approaches this problem.
Click on the item of interest
1) Deputy Director of the Usury Act gets axed.2) Administration of Usury Act suspended, silently sinking the poorest of the poor into deeper poverty.3) 100 files with prima facie contravention of the Usury Act involving more than R 10-billion, go astray.4) Inspectors administrating the Usury Act appointment under section 13 of the Usury Act are withdrawn.5) Consultants who assisted consumers and exploited wrongdoings by banks, are investigated by the Consumer Affairs Committee of the Department of Trade and Industry under the Harmful Business Practices Act, for allegedly conducting harmful business practices.
and finally:-
to wrap it up to safeguard banks from reimbursing clients and cover up blatant mistakes by Government Officials, the Usury Act (Act 73 of 1968) and Credit Agreements Act (Act 57 of 1980) are repealed and retroactively replace by the proposed National Credit Bill. This is also an attempt to cover up a R 5-billion payback by Treasury to overcharged Saambou bondholders (See R 5-billion cover up)
The propose National Credit Bill, and how it would effect you
Before going to Index and open the Gates of THE HALLS OF SHAME, first read the following revelations.* Nedbank recovering millions on unlawful fees* Supreme Court of Appeal ruled that Absa Bank must reduce interest rates on loan agreements when the prime rate decreases* Woman beats First National Bank* FNB in facility fee rip-off on overdraft accounts * 70 year old lady's fixed deposit of R 131 000 disappear and her battle to recover these money from ABSA* How the Government defrauded the poor * Inhuman and soulless treatment by Absa Bank that forced a client to sequestrate his business after being a client of the bank for more than 24 years with an immaculate business record.* How ABSA Bank refunded hundreds of millions of rands to clients,
the cover up and denials:-
a) a partial list of paymentsb) the denials in the media
* The agony and ecstasy of a farmer. Did consultant assist in reducing his overdraft with Absa from R 850 673,62 - to R 238 416,08? Form your own opinion.* ABSA Bank in mortgage rip off.* First National Bank grab homes for R10,00* First National or First Criminal Bank. How FNB continue to rip off Saambou Bank bondholders.* Client's nightmare experience with an interest claim. Read how ABSA Bank tried to cover up overcharges on his loan account.* Department of Trade and Industry or Trade and Injustice?* Is the Receiver of Saambou Bank covering up? Form your own opinion. [89% of the public are of opinion that the receiver is covering up] * How consultant assisted 138 Saambou [taken over by FirstRand Ltd] bondholders in stopping the sale in execution of their properties and how default bondholders are getting a breather. * Standard Bank's CEO faces charges of theft.

Comment from Emerald van Zyl:-
There were two ways of presenting this information. I could have held back certain information due to certain banks threatening to apply for a court order to prevent the publishing of certain information. In my zeal for truth and justice and in the public interest I have decided to take the second option – publish all information.
So, here are the facts – punches un-pulled.

11 August 2005

# posted: Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.

Dr. Hans Reimer Balzer
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E-mail: calamuchitanet@com.ar

Hodge Jones & Allen
Attention: Mr P. Butcher

Calamuchita, January 25th, 2000

RE: Renewed Intimidation of Witness in South Africa.

Dear Mr Butcher,

I have to report an incident, which makes us feel concerned about the well being and security of our witnesses in South Africa, after the OSEO has been informed about their statements with our consent.

I just received a report from Col. P.W. de Jager, saying that Superintendent Johan Brits has been interrogated and obviously intimidated by officers from the OSEO. Mr. Brits made it clear that as a consequence of this visit he cannot witness any more. It is known that the OSEO can in fact impede or terminate his professional carrier. They had already directly threatened him in the past, after his attempt to arrest the professional killer and forger Mr. Charles Newton (alias Lester).

Particularly, Mr. Brits is directly informed – and could possibly witness – about the following affairs:

1. The co-operation between the OSEO and Mr. Newton in the Zachel case.
2. The British counterfeits, and how the OSEO “silenced” the potential witness Mr. Wynand Louw by intimidation. Mr. Brits saw members of the Anti-Corruption unit in this matter.
3. Mr. Brits, partially through his co-worker Mrs. Lottering, knows about the involvement of ABSA officers in the distribution of forged or unauthorised “Government Bonds”, a crime that was reported by Mr. Zachel.
4. Finally, it was Mr Brits himself had warned me that Mr Zachel could be abducted, which realised week after this advice. When I reported the abduction to Mr. Brits, after the OSEO had directly interfered with Sergeant Fivaz to halt the investigations into abduction, I received further useful professional advice from Mr. Brits, acting in a private capacity this time.

However, only Mr. Zachel and myself have knowledge about the more serious syndicate crimes, involving foreign Citizens including one or even two British residents, the GMR group, and others. As you know, we will be glad to report these affairs to the British authorities, as soon as Mr. Zachel and my friends are safe.

Being (in spite of the Kilian murder) at a fairly safe place myself at the present, I want to express our concern about these practices, applied by the OSEO in connection with procedures pending in the United Kingdom. It is partially – as far as the counterfeits and other forgeries are concerned – directed against the interest of your country.

You will understand that I am very concerned about the security of our other witnesses. Is there any way to help from the UK?

I will also complain to the General Attorney in South Africa, but as experience shows, it might again not be followed up from there.

Yours Sincerely

Hans Reimer Balzer

# posted: Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.



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