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Whilst I was in “Wilgers Hospital” in Pretoria/RSA, I underwent three operations on my stomach, thyroid and back, they reduce and stabilised my spinal column and two weeks after the last operation they transferred me to the “Lynmed Clinic” in Lynwood/Pretoria/RSA for recuperation.

On the 29th day of June 1997, it was a Saturday, (and there was a highly qualified Rugby game in the TV), in the afternoon I felt very tired and went, after I had phoned with Dr. Hans R. Balzer, to bed.

I was kidnapped (abducted) be persons unknown to me.

This abduction was reported to the

“Adriaan Vlok” Police Station of the SAPS, “Sergeant FIVAS.

After two days the “OSEO” interfered and they changed the abduction in a “Jail break”

Witnesses :

1. Colonel BRITZ of the South African Police Service
2. Sergeant FIVAS of the “Adriaan Vlok Police Station
3. Colonel P.W. de Jaeger of the Community Police Forum Centurion
4. Reverent Prof. Dr. Hans R. Balzer

It was simply impossible for me to “escape” while:

1. I was unable to sit, or to walk unaided, I could only walk a few steps with assistance of two nurses.
2. It was impossible for me, in my restricted mobility, to leave the clinic unassisted, as the clinic has
3. Six foot high walls, barbed with three foot high wire topped fences and
4. The entrance/exit was day and night well guarded and
5. I was around the clock under armed guards.


After I was transmitted to the Lynmed Clinic, I had occupied a single room at the main entrance of the clinic and was day and night placed under armed guard of the “Correctional Prison Service, and chained to the bed

I was unable to walk, clime stairs, and to leave the clinic I would have to, sit down

Continue I had to wear a body brace support to strengthen my back; I was only able to stand upright or lie down.


1. Dr. Ramanathan, Medical Officer at HMP Brixton
2. Colonel P.W. de Jaeger of the Community Polic Forum Pretoria
3. Reverent Prof. Dr. Hans R. Balzer
4. Dr. Kirsten, Physician at Pretoria
5. Three high ranked officers of the “National Intelligence Service”
a. General Gerhard Laubscher
b. Major Ronald B. Laubscher
c. Captain Ian Albers

6. Adriaan Stander, Secret Ass. Of then Vice-President and now President of R.S.A., Thebans Mbeki
7. Françoise Joubert, President of “Joubert Diamond Industries
8. Franz J. Schulz, Manager Personnel Department IBI
9. Volkmar Kant, General manager Control Department of Musketeers Corporation
10. Juergen Greuling, Director
11. Eric Mueller, General manager

On the 29th of June 1997, after lunchtime, the guard went for me to the canteen and bought for me some goods, ships, cigarettes, a sandwich and a cool drink.

We watched TV, he brought me outdoors where I smoked two cigarettes and drank my cool drink, after I had eaten my sandwich.

Later I felt very tired and dizzy, had difficulties to concentrate or speak and went, after I had spoken be phone to Dr. Kirsten and Rev, H.R. Balzer, to bed for a sleep

As I woke up again I was confined to a plank in a room without a window.

Persons unknown to me, they had sky masks over there heads and they tortured me in many very bad ways as:

1. Shaved my head and other parts of my body and electrocuted me several times
2. Injected me with some kind of drugs
3. Put burning cigarettes at my body
4. And a lot of other very unpleasant things

They questioned me, wanted to get information about codes, brokerage, high yield programmes, Secrets about Wall Street Broker Market, Bank Guarantees, Government Bonds, Bank- and security codes, cusp 0 numbers a.s.o.

After some time, (later I learned that I was in the hands of those kidnappers for 18 days, from “29th of June until the 17th of July 1997), I was again drugged and abandoned in a public park at Pretoria/RSA.

Two African Gentlemen helped me to contact some friends and while we waited for them they invited me to a café to warm up and had a cup of very strong coffee.
As my friends arrived they arranged that I was immediately brought to a safe place, medical treatment etc.

Later I was brought to a safe house in Botswana and, after I recovered so far, brought to Torquay/Devon, UK, while I thought that this was a place of safety, how wrong I was.

I was drugged, tortured and questioned about secret bank accounts, high yield programmes, contacts to Wall street, Broker houses, Major Banks etc., but I didn’t give them any information at all.

After my friends had saved me I was brought to Botswana in a save house to recover from the Torture and from there they brought me back to England, Torquay were I had my house and my office and I lived here for some weeks.

I was not hiding, nor was I on the run for the authorities

But on the 12th of October 1997 I was arrested by the Police and brought to London on at the Brixton Prison



The Magistrate at Bow street decided to keep me on hold and was brought to HMP Brixton, Jebb Avenue, PO Box 369, Prison number BX 4935.

I had knowledge of high financial- and political secrets so I began to fight against the Extradition.

The charges against me had to be presented by the South African (RSA) Authorities at latest

6 weeks after my arrest (the 12. of October 1997)

But the RSA presented the charges

(Not identical with the charges, laid against me in November 1996)

4 months (February 1998) later

To the Court at Bow street,

a very strange behaviour indeed

The Magistrate decided that there was a lawful case against me and to keep me on remand in HMP Brixton.

In my eyes these Magistrate should go to his University and ask his money back while he hasn’t any acknowledge at all about the Law and how it is to be handled properly and lawful.

My Solicitors, Mrs. Tuckers, attn. Ms. Michly, represented me but they were not successful and dropped me so I had to look for an other Solicitor, what I did and I fight further with the court and the Home Office.

*posted by Crimefighter

*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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