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Real estates as investment.

Why sell your property when you can make a higher profitable income when you keep your property

*While your real estate is more worth than you think,

“The International Immobiliare - Trustee - Corporation - (I.I.T.C.)”
pays for a house with 3 bedrooms (6 beds) a dwelling monthly net yield of no less than 2,160. Euro,

*If you invest a capital of 250.000 Euro into an interest-bearing plant what will you receive in the best case (with 5.5 % interest annual, and that it is more than improbable)! You make a lesser profit but, if you follow the below offered steps you make a higher profit and if you take a further credit by your house bank and buy a new property and bring it in the same way into the IITC you, and your bank make a profit and both are happy.

How to do it! ;

Follow the following steps;

· The I.I.T.C. guarantees 10.36% a year, and that also bank guaranteed. Why sell your house??? Become a shareholder with the I I T.C..And bring in your property as investment.
· How to do it? And what for securities you get?
· Now, that is relatively simply and also absolutely safe.
· 1 -: you request the entry as a shareholder and acquire a preference stock to the preferential price of Euro 350,oo
· 2 -: Than you acquire the right your real estate as investment into the I.I.T.C. to bring in, whereby no transfer of title takes place, your real estate remain your property and, you will receive a block of shares at height of the current appreciation,
· 3 -: You transfer only for 1 year the letting and administrative right as well as vacate the I.I.T.C. a first right purchase option, with a purchase price warranty (this appraisal will exceed by far your present value.
· . 4 -: In addition you have the right to decide whether you (after nine months) will stay further as a shareholder with the I.I.T.C. or not.
· 5 -: With withdrawal as a shareholder the transferred rights and authority will be immediately returned to you within 10 banking days.
· 6 -: In the case of not adherence to the obligations of the part of the I.I.T.C. Opposite them you can quit your membership as a shareholder with immediate effect and withdraw all transferred rights.
· 7 -: Collateral
· A 1: The I.I.T.C. guarantees the payment of your monthly net yield in full height; secured by a payment -warranty, (issued by a top rated {A -AA or AAA) major banks worldwide.
· B 2: The disbursement effected, against guarantees, (issued by the "Helvetia Bancorp",) via a Swiss Private Bank to a bank in Spain (named by the Share-Holder) on the account with a bank of your choice.
· C 3: At expiration of each financial year "profit - payment" your height arranges itself after successes previous one of the financial year takes place a general meeting admits to be given, whereby likewise for the coming year the further corporate policy shall be established
· D 4 Why don’t take up a further credit, buy likewise additional an other real estates and bring it in the I.I.T.C. and continues to improve your income. How? Nothing is simpler than that;
· 8 -: Real estate purchase by means of bank credit, example:
· A 1: Purchase real estates, conclusion preliminary agreement
· B 2. Preliminary agreement with I.I.T.C. Bring in and portion - the capital here accordingly increase.
· C 3: I.I.T.C. Consultant provides appraisals, outgoing from the present usual market value.
· D 4: I.I.T.C. warranty over partial purchase price arranges over US "World Credit Corporation" and your local bank
· E 5: Letting - warranty by international journey - enterprise, confirms the bank at a value of 10.36 % by per Anno.
· F 6: Remainder purchase price - payment over bank credit with your house bank
· G 7: You can arbitrarily often repeat this, and not only in Spain. The I.I.T.C. necessarily in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Austria and Malta of approximately 100,000 rooms, and acquires hotel, dwellings, houses over shareholders and/or acquisition. H 8: At the year 2007/2008 a new holidays program in the Countries Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Poland, Russia and further 11 Countries in East - Europe begins to be needed, approx. 350,000 rooms.

That is the opportunity of a lifetime, seize it before others do so. Shareholders are prefer

If you whish further information don’t hesitate to contact the addresses or us mentioned in this report.

With the best wishes for success in the future

Yours truly,

Crime fighter

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*The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.


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