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urjpoChapter 5

In resent years the RSA [ Republik of South Africa} Economy, and the country, lost $ 223,104,000,008.03,

stohlen by who?,

only the Mystery Man can tell were the money is,

and the tiefes, fraudsters and Syndicates still day by day further millions.

Who are they and whey the Authorities do nothing about it ??????

Copy of report >>> * TOP SECRET * <<<, send to Mr. Gerhard Laubscher, Pretoria / RSA, high ranket officer of the South African * National Intelligence Service (nazionale Intelligenzi Dienst) *, October 1998

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MZ/HRB/10-10/98 ser.no 1/I.B.I.

Re RSA Bond Investigation

The country, the ANC and the economy have been subject to a more severe pffensive as the current action in play.


1. F.W. de Klerk
2. Hernus Kriel
3. Chris Stahls
4. Japie Jacobs
5. Org. Marais
6. Anton Rupert
7. Johan Rupert
8. James Cross
9. Christo Wiese (S.A.R.B.)
10. Christ Wiese (Boland Bank)
11. Dr. Swanepoel (S.A.R.B.)
12. Dr. Groenewald „
13. Mr. Potgieter „
14. Alwyn Lombard
15. Jan Lombard
16. Barend du Plessis
17. Commissioner Blaauw, Western-Cap
18. Simon Notnagel
19. Simon and Peter Nassau (early Whitely)
20. Giel Niewenhout
21. Ben Zuma
22. Anton Welch
23. Johan Greyling
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24. Georg Hill
25. B.B. de Klerk
26. Chris Nissan
27. Kobus Kirsten
28. van Deventer
29. Boet Claassen
30. Big John Smith
31. Willem Korden (of Kordan)
32. Daniel Julius
33. Jan Koch
34. John Adams
35. Faize Adams
36. Peter Blake
37. Nick Fourie
38. Magistrate Liebenberg
39. Cassiem Brey
40. Shahida Brey
41. Peter Mopp
42. Riaan Engelbrecht
43. Pieter Goslar
44. Justin Swart (Detectiv)
45. Charles Newton (alias “Lester”)
46. Robert Ferguson
47. Wynand Louw
48. K.E.E.M. (Office of Serious Economic Offencec /O.S.E.O.)
49. Menbers of the S.A.P.D. (South African
Police Department
50. part of the former Intelligence Community
51. The group of Old Generals
52. foreign and local MAFFIA Leaders
53. The New Afrikanerbond (old Broederbond {Brotherhood})
54. The major Money-Powers in R.S.A. as there are
55. A. Sanlam,

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55. B. Anglo-American,
C. Old Mutual,
D. de Beers a.o.
56 The major banks in R.S.A. as there are
a. South African Reserve Bank (S.A.R.B.)
b. Amalgamated (ABSA) Bank
c. Boland Bank
d. Ned Bank
e. Standart Bank and others
57 S.A. Reserve Bank and the Government Printers
58 The Black Hawk Company
59 Zinch Transport and others

All of the above mentioned persons, companies and/or government bodies are involved in an attemp to sabotage the economy of the R.S.A.

This report will focus on the following strategie subjects:

1. The total political and economical onslaught of the roleplayers against the ANC Government.
2. The NP`s manipulating of the Press violence and money market
3. The level of infiltration, corruption and briberies

Political and Economical Sabotage

Holomisa / Meyer / Ramaphosa / N. Kabinde / Pik Botha Alliance:

The above mentioned Politicans/Oppertunitists have all one thing in common; they all worked at their previos present careers for the Old Regime, they all have a bone to pick with the A.N.C.

This new political movement is now just a part of the strategy which the generals and de Klerk are planning for the next elections.
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They will be utilised to combine the forces of the N.P. / I.F.P. and Pro-Holomisa voters from the ANC, Pro-Nkabinde voters from the IFP, Pro-Meyer and P. Botha voters from the NP, Pro-Ramaphosa voters over the spectrum under one umbrella.

An average of 200 to 300 people visit the offices of Holomisa in Commissionerstreet daily, as it use to be the Old Transkei Consulate. Large numbers of transkeians still seek refuger and assistance from the offices as Holomisa is still associated with Transkei, the task to sign those people up for the new Party is very easy.

2. Sabotaging the Economy:

2.1 Willem Kordan at Strand, Tel.+27(0)21 853 8733, diamond dealer, is involved to print, together with Giel Niewenhout, 9, Wilburst Court/Strand, false money, also involved are Wynand Louw, Frick Louw, C. Newton a.o., the first money serial numbers were startet with 425D,
This money were used to buy diamonds/drugs and other goods in Angola, Mosambiquoe, Sambia, Congo and Namibia
2.2 Detective Daniel Julius from the Macassar Police Department received this info from Big John Smith and was reported to Commissioner Blaauw who then introduced Simon Notnagel to Julius to start together to investigate this case but both became involved in this money swindle.
2.3 It works as follow;
a. Earl Whiteley imports the printing machines and converts it to print the money.
b. his father works at the SARB, he supplies this Syndicate with old money as well as the computer dublicate discs with the new serial numbers three months in advance.

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c. he also provides them with the original paper
d. Moneypaper and paint to the total value of Rand
84 billion (ca. 22 billion USD) has been delivered
e. four of these printing stations are operating in:
e.1 Somerset – West
e.2 Paarl
e.3 Stellenbosch and
e.4 Kuilsrevier
f. one machine is on the farm of Jan Koch, West Coast.

3. One of the systems to * wash * the money:

a. Large amounts goes into an account of * Black Hawk Company, FNB Franchhoek, or deposited into the account of an Lawyer in Bloemfontein, also through accounts from Pieter Goslar, Adriaan (Riaan) Stander, Robert (Bob) Ferguson, Joe Tshabalala, C. Finch (Lawfirm in Gibraltar) and their several companies.
b. Money to the face value of 60 Billion Rand (ca. 18 B
USD) was in 1996 already printed, in the currencies S.A.-Rand / British Pound and US-Dollar and the bulk was removed by Anton and Johan Ruppert out of the country, under assistance from ABSA and SARB.
The false currency is treated with chemical D.T.R. to
make them to look old and used.
c. Johan Rupert is heavely involved in illegal diamond business in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Angola and Mosambique. They use the company “Zinch Transport” to move the diamonds and currency in and out of Africa
d. Earle Whiteleys father notify the Syndica when the notes with the same serialnumbers arrive at the SA-Reserve Bank, ABSA (Swanepoel jun.), Boland Bank (Christo Wiese) assist them thhrough Boland and ABSA to have it exchanged.
e. a number of transactions are arranged by the Ruperts family, Riaan Stander, Pieter Goslar, Bob Ferguson, Charles Newton, on false Anglo American vouchers as

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well as torough Finch (Gibraltar), Hancock (UK), Kerry Walch (Australia) and Lester (USA)
f. Early Whiteley is switching together with the SARB over the computer printing, he has received discs and floppies from the SARB to prepare himselfes, he copies these discs and send it back with DHL to the SARB

4. Financial Catastrophe and ANC out of Power:

4.1 The onslaught of financial Terrorism that the South African Brotherhood and its allies have used against the possible success of the ANC let Government of RSA go down in history as a plan similar to that be used by the 3rd Reich in Germany in the 1930`s. The following is a short synopsis of the actual situation now and the now well known predictions of what will happen over the next few years so that the RSA will be in a state of bankrupty by the year 2008 and then the Old Regime, together with the *Generals* and their allies can hijack the country again.
a. Internal depts of $ 80 billion carrying an interest rate of 15% per annum ( ca. 270 billion RSA Rand)
b. External depts of $ 18 billion carrying an annual interest of 12,5%
c. ca. $ 40 billion zero rated Treasury Bonds carrying an agreed end of annual term rate of 16.667%
d. Losses on forward exchange contracts of Rand 7 billion
e. Whole sale theft of RSA Gold reserves, 50 tonnes of gold dissapear every year
f. The ludicrous situation where the RSA paying itself interest on its own loans of money of SA-Rand 10 billion
g. The exchange rate was in 1995 SA-Rand 2,80 to the US-Dollar, what is the exchange rate today ???????

4.2 Count Down for the RSA

a. The annual costs to the country was 1996 ca SA-Rand 40,5 bil. there are two questions:

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1. Who was the money borrowed from ???
2. Where will it end !!!


1. Major Banks in USA , Canada, Europe
2. Total collapse of the South African Economy

b. The external debt should only carry a long term interest of 6% per annum, by the time the money was arrived in the RSA the annual interest rate was allready 10%, why ???????
c. The cost (Exchange rate 1998 4,7o to the US-Dollar) to the Country is as follow:
1. $ 1,8 billion x 4,70 rand = 8,5 billion rand.
2. On the top of that, the “teft/teft” of 4% p.a. means that someone has *stolen* $ 720 million (that means 72 million USD per year, and that for 10 years and never be cougt, 72 million USD per year for 10 years X 4,7o SA-Rand is 33,85 in 1998

d. Dr. Kok and Dir. Swanepoel, both first top management of the South African Reserve Bank were contacted to confirm the issuing of the zero rated bonds, signed also be Mr. Potgieter, and they confirmed that there were available at least an annual interest rate of 16,667%, leaving, when computed, over the period of 10 years as follow: $ 40 billion at an exchange rate of only SA- Rand 3,8 per USD would yield rand 152 billion and the interest rate would rice up to 24,32 % p.a.
e. The losses of Foreign exchance contracts was 1996 ca. 7 billion SA-Rand.
f. Check out this statement and you will see what is going on.
g. No Country in the whole world can survive this terrorism for long. The RSA goes bankrupt at an escalating rate, and this is the work of people who wish to see the RSA back in the hands of the Brotherhood,

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not for the “Publik Power”, o no, for the real Power behind the lines.

h. Total annual loses year after year:
1. 40,5 B
i. 2. $ 1,8 X R 4,7o 8,5 B
3. explained above 24,3 B
4. losses on FEC`s 7,0 B
5. interest on own money 1,5 B
Total los per annum 81,8 B

4.2 When a South African left the country they are forced to leave their money and assets in “blocked Rand”.
4.3 This was later identified as the PIC Agreement, whereby this money was lodged with the S.A.R.B., and this money were left there carrying a relatively low interest rate. This money was then used to lend out to institutions and others at a much higher rate, and to invest into high yield programmes, the question is:
4.3.1 where goes the increased income to ???????
4.3.2 where are the agreements in the SARB accounts !!

4.4 Assuming that the SARB, ABSA, Boland, Nedbank and others has done many of these loan agreements and investments over the past 20 years after the introduction of the financial rand the questions shopuld be answered immediately
4.5 these massive fraud of the financial rand has surely contributed to the outstanding debt which the ANC Government inherited from the apartheid regime.
4.6 It was published that the gold holdings of the SARB has only an amount of 100 tons of metal, whereas in 1991 was 135 tons of the countries gold sold to the Saudi Arabias, full details are available (but not necessary) including the banks concerned where the money was washed, invested in High Yield Programmas or removed.

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4.7 The RSA has in excess 3000 tons of gold in storage. We cut identify that Cloten in Zwitzerland, Luxembourg and London are used ixtensively for stored gold.
4.8 The RSA has a small refinery in Switzerland and deals with an other small refinery in Luxembourg (owned be Italian menbers) to refine gold, remove the tell talemarkings on the gold.
4.9 The RSA selling 550 tons of gold every year and approximately 50 tons of gold is stolen every year.
4.10 The main players in this business are:
1. James Cross
2. Alan Buckland
3. Camerer and Brink of ABSA, Nedbank who are used for the deposits, taken for this gold.
4. furthermore, the above members and institutions also belong to the “STRATCOM” organisation as well as Chris Stals
4.11 Through various sources it has been establshed vast amounts of large sums of money have been removed from the RSA and are hold in foreign banks, trusts, companies, lawyers and notaries as mandatories and
These properties are of a vast nature, including castles, farms, ranches buildings etc., it is a fact that more as 25,000 properties already worldwide been identified and this is merely the tip of the iceberg.
4.12 Some of this money is then recycled back into RSA so
that the Brotherhood (Syndicate) can aquire further business so they can put a stronghold on the economy whilst paying dip services to black empowerment.
4.13 ome examples:
a. The recently announced merger of goldfields and Gencor with only 10% being offered to the NAIL Group
b. The purchase of BOE, NBS, OK Bazaars etc. by Christo Wiese
c. Old Mutual Bibby Group
d. Gencors Billiton Group
e. Rembrands Richmond Group
f. Anglo Americans Miners Group
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g. There are also a number of other ones. All tehse groups had to have the approval from the SARB for their foreign dealings, DID THEY ???????
h. Rand 60 billion has been “lost” since 1986 on the forward book. Why did the SARB sell more than 60% of US-Dollars in the forward market rather tham cut its “losses” by selling in the spot market !!!!!!!
i. The gold account adjustment should very carefully looked into as there is an oppertunity to manipulate those figures well.
j. The gains and losses are only reported on at the maturity date, in other words, if funny things are happen, they are only brought to light on the date on which the actual losses are realised and not on an ongoing basis where they could be carefully monitored to see where there are going. In other worde, all the losses could only be brought out during 2003 / 2008 on the maturity of those FEC`s and the stolen and unauthorized Government Bonds.


5.1 The present Government will be blissfully UNAWARE of
what is taking place, only to be hit with massive charges in the end. It is very clear that the Government, and not the SARB will be responsible for any losses on foreign exchanges, whereas the SARB can do what it likes and the Government also has to pickup this bills.
5.2 Also it would appear that the SARB has the right to intervene in the spot and forward exchange market, and the Government also has to pick up the bill.
5.3 Why does the SARB trade approximately $ 6 billion a day when the requirements of the RSA are less than $ 2 billion per day !!!!!!!
5.4 What does the SARB do with the commissions, interest and High Yield profits, earned on those transactions ???
5.5 Where all those billions of US-Dollars going to ???????

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5.6 In practise, the Nostro and Vostro accounts should be carefully looked into, also in the accounts of Mario Ricci, Poul Cofinas (London), J. Burton, van Eck, Christopher Finch (Gibraltar), A. Malan, and der Mandatories and the corporations and trusts who they represent.
a. Nostro is the account whereby the SARB has an US-
Dollar account with the “Federal Reserve Bank of America and;
b. Vostro is the account whereby the F.R.B. of USA has a Rand account with the SARB of the RSA
c. Fact is that was borrowed found its way into the Vostro account. FUNNY, ISNT !!!!!!!
d. The whole sale theft of taxpayers money to support the “Brotherhoods” interests is burn out by the debacle surrounding tje SARB / ABSA and the Tollgate Holdings situation. We analysed the Bancorp, Absa, SARB statements on this issue and it appears that a lifeline of over SA-Rand 2 billion (Taxfree) was given to them in 1996.

6. Roleplayers RSA and International:

6.1 Also of note is the printing of false money (conterfeits) in the currencies SA-Rand / US-Dollar and British Pound Sterling that has caused a lot of the inflationrate in the RSA, and the fact that a part of this money recirculate back into the SARB via
other banks who are in cahoots with them.

6.2 The keyplayers are identified as follow:
1. Japie Jacobs
2. Chris Stals
3. Jan Lombard
4. James Cross, and his brother in London
5. Alan Buckland
6. Dr. Jan Swanepoel
7. Dr. Kok
8. Mr. Potgieter
9. Christo Wiese
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10. Org Marais
11. Hernus Kriel
12. Barend du Plessis
13. Alwin Lombard
14. Anton Rupert (Father)
15. Johan Rupert (son)
16. Roy Simpson
17. van Vuuren (procecuter)
18. Mario Ricci (Broker)
19. Poul Cofinas (greek, office in UK)
20. Mr. Hancock (UK)
21. Tomas Borrodino (USA)
22. Carola (Carrolla) Hopkins (USA)
23. Dr, Kerry Walsh (USA)
24. Justin Lester (USA)
25. Pearl Ron (PTY) Ltd., reg.no. 77/3134/07
26. Rodovan Milakovik (Europe Kontinent)
27. The Goldbar Company
28. Temp Funds International
29. Take 2 Prod.
30. Oyeneye (Canada)
31. Charles Newton (alias Lester)
32. Mr. Lamprecht (Superintendent OSEO)
33. Marike Steenkamp (geb. Werner, Procecuter OSEO)
34. Wynand Louw (bankofficer of ABSA)
35. Frick Louw
36. Robert (Bob) Ferguson (Mandatory of Cofinas)
37. Henry Muton (works via Swiss Corporations)
38. van Rendsburg, (partner of Henry Muton)
39. Absa Bank
40. Nedbank
41. Standart Bank
42. Boland Bank
43. Rand Bank
44. The RSA Brotherhood
45. The Old-Regime politicans (former Apartheid)
46. Old Generals of the Apartheitaera
47. Pik Botha
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48. De Klerk
49. Kobie Koetzee
50. The former CCB and Boss people
51. Senior Police officials
52. Lawyers and Notaries in RSA / USA / UK / Spain / France / Portugal / Switzerland / South America

53. Key Banks outside of RSA, where collusion has taken place;
a. Swiss Banking Corporation
b. UBS Switzerland
c. Credit Swiss
d. Credit Anstalt Austria
e. Midland Bank
f. Geobank
g. NatWest
h. Lloyds Bank
i. Barclays Bank
j. Banque Pallas
k. Banque Generale du Luxemborourg
l. Credit Lyonnaise
m. Key Bank (USA)
n. City Corp NY and many more

6.3 High Yield investments goes generally though ABSA, Nedbank, Boland and Standart-Chartered Bank RSA, all with approval from the SARB.
6.4 Arnold van Eck, offshore in;
a. 5, Imposses des Michandes, Veyrier du Lac, 74000 Anmecy-France
b. 9, Bis Avenue D`Albigny, 74000 Anmecy-Le Veux
c. 68, Rue de Billancourt, Beulgne
d. van Eck is also Owner / Manager / Trustee in various large companies as well as Properties in France / USA / Spain / Switzerland / Danmark / BeNeLux and UK
e. USA house at Bremmeton, Washington DC
f. Wellington & Co., 822, Hartzway, Danville, CA-USA
g. Adriaan (Riaan) Stander
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h. Switzerland, 17, Rue de Levi,Crans Montana

6.5 van Ecks Associates, Clientel, Co.Directors a.o. are all wellknown military intelligence officers and political figures. Large sums of funds to almost 1,6 billion USD where handled and controlled by the van Eck Syndicat on instructions of these politicians and intelligence officers.
6.6 Persons at the SARB are aware, at least since 1992 of certain funds and assets held by the van Eck group in 5-6 offshore accounts, and there are still large sums of cash money, properties and further assets in his name or under his control via Power of Attorney Offshores
6.7 The politicans and intelligence figures around van Eck control his companies and dealings, assets and funds, involved are also Trust Bank and Boland Bank, via deposits, to gain Credits (as security they take Unauthorized, as well as fraudulent, Government Bonds) to invest via Mario Ricci, Bollontino (USA) Lester (USA) into investment programmes
a. Van Eck and associatesarranged funding accounts, organized depositos with those Government Bonds, with acknowledge of de Kok and Potgieter of the SARB, Ricci, his associates and bosses in UK / Switzerland / UK / Spain and USA
b. With their Partners Poul Cofinas, Kaiser, Tom Borrodino (USA), Ken Nun (UK), M.Ricci, Pieter Goslar, Riaan Stander, Monica Bond (UK) arranged credit-lines against those falce bonds, signed by the RSA Reserve Bank.
c. Those Credits were blocked and only to use for the puchase and selling of MTN, term 10 years, issued by Deutsche Bank, Dresdner Bank, Barclays, UBS etc. and paid out the Credit-lines
d. Those Instruments were deposited as security for High Yield Programmas at UBS, Credit Lyonnaise, Lloids Bank and Wells Fargo etc. to 92% of face value
6.8 It is very apparent that the Vice-President, Mr. BOKA from Zimbabwe is heavely involved with van Eck, Stander, Ricce
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etc. Letterheads, several correspondence and prove of trading in Mr. Bokas own companies and in his own name are used
a. There are in RSA R. 37 million in farms unaccounted for
b. R. 18 million returned by van Eck and unaccounted for
c. USD 40 million are being hold in secret accounts in van Ecks name
d. an unauthorized amount of $ 6 million was paid to Mrs. van Eck
e. There are in RSA various assets of enormous value, belonging to Afri-Air, a total of at least R 700 million
f. Overseas fundings in USD 400 million are also unaccounted
g. a further amount of USD 700 million unaccounted, controled be van Eck.

End of these Report, which was send to an General of the South African Intelligence Service (N.I.S.) in October 1998.

Well, ??????? , !!!!!!!
02 August 2005

Where are the missing Billions?

“The Definitive “HAMMER””Report:
Introduction:“Project Hammer” has been rightly described as
“a nondescript name
ofsomething that’s awful hard to define.
The operation called “Hammer” has passed into
unwritten history, but a residue of cosmic
proportions remains in the off ledger nether-world of
Citibank New York.
A sum of USD 223 104 000 008.03 (as at December 1991)
is hidden in the limbo of daily ledger closing.
It is a composite of 30 or more accounts for various
people (personalities / corporations / governments,),
better described as “clients “, around the world _ in
one solid block at Citibank.
For each of the accounts there is said to be a broker
and an investor
(entity?). The investors appear to have abandoned
their principle, the
Brokers have never been paid any commission. Nor
have the investors ever
received any interest, or earnings, save for one
where a paymentwas
made to several Canadians involved in Hammer
..who lived or lives in Vancouver, British Columbia,
and was said to have high level connections with
Major Banks
Manfred J. Zachel
who lived parttime in Spain, UK, San Francisc0, California and South Africa
and player on the Stock market at Wallstreet, Canada, Asia, Europe
At time of writing (2001) Wamboldt is
thought to be 55 years or more in age and Zachel ca. 65
These payments were said to have been part of the
proceeds of Hammer, an interest pay off for the year
1997 in December 1997 - the last (but deniable)
movement on the account/s. The claimants were
paid by the Bank of America via the Bank of Montreal
in their Winnipeg office, allegedly “to take a little pressure
off the Canadian government”.
The Hammer funds would be hidden in Citibank
off- ledger account, escaping detection in suspense
in spite of inspections.
A means of evasion was to alter the account number/s
to a manageable degree, with details known only to the
custodian / “trustor”(sic).
Corresponding Banks to Citibank New York are,
according to Wamboldt’s schematic:
Bank of America, Toronto, Canada USD 50 Bn.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Toronto, Canada
USD 5O Bn.
Security Pacific Bank, Los Angeles, California
USD 50 Bn.
Federal Reserve USD 100 Mn.
Sub- Total: (USD 151 Billion)
Not included in Wamboldt’s schematic, but claimed
for Eastech Bank and Eastcorp by
Adriaan Stander and van Rooyen
and confirmed by Canadian auditors MCI VOR and Associates, is;
Bank of Mexico USD 100 BN
(Total USD 251 Billion?)
A considerable amount of information has been provided by:
Manfred Joseph Zachel, President of I.B.I. and Generalmanager
(with unlimited "Power of Attorney") of A.F.A.
Dr. Hans R. Balzer/South Africa (President of AADC)
Juergen Greuling/Germany (General Manager of Saphir 42 GMBH)
Heinz O. Schmaler/Germany (Vice President of FIF)
Erich Mueller/Germany
James M. Garrity/USA (President of FIF)
Angela Podkopaev (Assistance Manager of AIDC)
Lt. Colonel Britz of the SAPD
G. Laubscher (General of the National Intelligence Service)
P. W. de Jager (Colonel of the SAPD)
The Mystery Man (Personel Profile is Top Sycret)
Brigadier-General Erle COCKE Jr. U S Army (retired)
in his deposition, taken by J J d’ERASMO on April 13th 2000,
shortly before his death from pancreatic cancer.
Cocke served in three theatres of war, being the second World War,
Korea, and Vietnam.
He also had an LLB law degree, a Harvard MBA,
was a Commander of the Knights of Malta, and was
what he refers to as a “Shriner” with the Freemasons.
He was a full-time Alternate Executive Director at the World Bank
from 1961 to 1964.
Brig. -Gen. Cocke also lectured to Generals of the
R S A military, in South Africa „several times” during 1978 and 1979.
It is far from clear, but it can be said that the origins of “Hammer”
appear to have been one or more initiatives of a number of
American government agencies,
not necessarily all at the same time,
to impoverish other States not already within their ambit of dominance.
The following further observations may be made:
According to Cocke‘s deposition, “Hammer” has existed
in one form or another since the forties and fifties and
- most important to note - has re-invented itself several times over.
The original mission as stated above - being the economic
(largely financial) damage inflicted on other nation states -
would seem to be a continuing raison d’etre throughout;
A further aspect is the assertion that - especially in the 1960’s
- funds were used for arms sales, as well as to generate funds for
military Operations: (the Iran-Contra rebels transactions
of the 1980’s has also been suggested);
A later development was the use of the funds for trading in
collateral bank instruments, based on the funds.
“Individuals, corporations, and even governments,
believed apparently by placing these funds with Citibank,
they later on down the road receive a pay off”
Cocke refers to greed as a major incentive,
insinuating that extravagant promises had been made.
The final stage appears to be on the verge of playing out,
in terms of which Citibank will assume possession
of what have now become dormant accounts.
1.1 According to Brigadier -General (US Army retired)
The original concept of Project Hammer was mainly
to bring monies back to the US from all types of activities,
both legitimately and illegitimately.
The said activities were not smuggling per se,
but were all in the arms business, and involved the retracing
of dollars of one description or another that had accumulated
all through the forties and fifties.
1.2 Personal “investors” in Canada and bankers in the U S put
money into Hammer.
The U S bankers are now’ mostly retired and live in Florida.
In 1992 / 93 these investors committed statements to the
Congressional Record concerning Hammer.
1.3 ErIe Cocke confirmed in the deposition taken by J J I d’Erasmo,
on April 13th 2000, four days before he died of pancreatic cancer,
that a chunk of the Hammer Project funds came from a large block of assets
put in the bank by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).
The funds were used to “Trade”, to buy and sell collateral instruments,
to invest and reinvest.
Certainly it is said that “the funds arose to the credit of people
(surely not excluding public and private organisations)
who had engaged in some kind of trading programme.
”>From the deposition, it is important to note that the point
that is being made is that this is how the accounts would appear
to an observer, an inspector, who happened on the accounts.
2. Purposes:
2.1 Hammer was said - in it’s embryonic stage - to be one of
many efforts by the CIA in order to safeguard U.S. dollar denominated
assets from falling into Communist “or unfriendly hands”.
To some extent this took the form of “Asset Stripping”
to draw the teeth of a potential enemy until the intentions o
f the particular nation / state are known and approved of
(by American interests).
It is claimed that Project Hammer was effectively carried out
against Vietnam, and a few African countries (including South Africa,
in a partnership between the CIA and the Afrikaner Nationalist government).
Apparently, the method of achieving these nefarious goals was
through the two-fold accumulation of funds:
a. The repatriation of funds by means both legal and illegal,
connected to the arms industry (both ‘legal and illegal’).
It involved the retracing of dollars of one description
or another that had accumulated through the forties and fifties.
b. The inducement to a variety of corporations, and governments
around the world to invest in a trading programme,
with no intention whatsoever of repaying the principle (capital),
earnings (interest ...), or even commissions to the so-called “Brokers”.
2.2 It has been suggested that some of the funds were used
for weapons sales.
For example, the ‘purchasing of weapons for ‘sale’ or delivery to,
say, the “Contra Rebels”, or the “Sandinistas”
... and other groupings in the middle / central Americas.
2.3 B-G Cocke admits that in the 1960’s, a primary mission
of the projects of Hammer could easily have been
“to produce funds to assist in (U S ?) military operations
(including the engagement of an unfriendly by proxy?).
“2.4 Joseph J d’Erasmo, counsel to
Weston Keith FRANK
on behalf of the U S plaintiffs,
insists on insinuating the deep complicity
of agents and
agencies of the South African government, being the military, or
intelligence for example.
In what amounts to leading the witness,
d‘Erasmo put it to Cocke that:
“Project Hammer also included the raising of funds and
the transferring of funds for the purpose of providing money for
military operations in Southern Africa”.
Cocke replied:
Sudan, the Sahara, yes (but this was not) the main purpose”.
2.5 A primary purpose of „Hammer”, however, was to
not only repatriate funds to the United States, but also (in the process thereof)
to inflict financial damage on influential entities around the world,
including private persons, corporations, and governments.
The trading phase of “Hammer” has merely intensified and
prolonged the inflicting of damage.
To some extent the principals appear to have lost control
of the operation, since the trading phase not only involved
an increasing range of private concerns and interests,
but gave greatly increased exposure to the public domain.
An aspect of this matter for which the U S government
must take responsibility, is the possibility that Hammer
was exploited and / or CLONED by renegade elements of
their own Agencies to the detriment of a vast array of
private interests world-wide.
Such a failure to control both,
the knowledge and means of the Project perhaps
allowed a new breed of pirate
to emerge on to an increasingly chaotic international scene.
See also para. 3.3 below.
3. “Hammer” at various times was, and / or became - metamorphosised -
into the following, de facto:
3.1 Departments of State of the USA:
According to “RoIf’ Van ROOYEN“ Hammer was a large,
very delicate operation in cooperation with the
authorities of various countries in which “Oceantec” is involved”,
naming America, England, Germany,France, and Italy.
Van Rooyen also claimed that
was a State operation in the United States,
involving NSA, the Pentagon, the CIA, Secret Service, FBI, Treasury,
Federal Reserve, various other groups and VIP’s of the American government.
Cocke’s response when told of Van Rooyen’s assessment, was
“he is not too far off“!
3.2 Cocke‘s introduction to “Hammer”:
Cocke however comments that by the time he got in
- he was brought in by the “President”
(of what he doesn’t say), being
most people just wanted to get that money back out”.
Their failure to do so is a determinate feature of HYIP programmes.
3.3 The CITIBANK factor:
Citibank refuse to acknowledge the existence of any account,
named or described, or in any wise connected to,
an entity referred to as “Hammer”.
Cocke does not know exactly when Citibank became involved,
but is sure they were involved in “Hammer” in a big way already
in 1988, with their function that of Trustees running the programme.
Cocke is emphatic that, ‘from day one,
(John Reed was the trust officer with respect to the Hammer accounts at Citibank)
regardless of what his job was in his bank later.
”Reed retired from the Bank in May, 2000,
after thirty five years of service.
He provided d’Erasmo with an affidavit in April 2000.
It is said that every major Bank in every major country will,
at some time, have had some Hammer paper pass through their system,
but generally as correspondents to Citibank.
It is further agreed that it was Citibank’s function and direction
“to gather these funds and put them into certain kinds of programmes
to enhance their value. “(see para. 3.4 below.)
As to disbursements, highly important is Cocke’s statement on April 13th 2000,
that “to the best of my knowledge
none of the principal has ever hardly been touched”!
Indeed, the only pay out ever witnessed by Cocke
was the single payment of interest to Canadians
through the Winnipeg office of Bank of Montreal, for Bank of America,
following pressure from the Canadian government.
Cocke suspects that Citibank may be hoping to take advantage
of a provision in law that allows them to assume control over
dormant accounts followinga period of 10 years of inactivity,
according to
the last activity on several of the thirty (30) primary accounts was
November I December 1991.
(See also the footnote to Wamboldt schematic under “mechanisms below.
3.4 Trading “Hammer “:
Another aspect of the “Hammer” funds was to underpin a large
financialtrading programme,
purchasing collateral for buying and selling,
investingand reinvesting.
This was also generally referred to as
“Collateral Trading”.
This may very well be the basis of what is sometimes called
a “High Yield Investment Programme” (HYIP)
Cocke said:
“Everyone wanted to trade the “Hammer” funds.
That was the only real point of the funds,
after the funds had been assembled.
”(By “assembled“ we take it to mean in the first instance
the repatriation of U S funds from around the world
previously referred to, using means both legal, and illegal.)
(The word “assembled” may also include in it’s meaning
the raising of funds from private sector interests and
foreign governments, for the purpose of trading the
collateral instruments, as already intimated above.)
Concerning such trading, it is stated in the “Complaint”
and confirmed in the “Report and Recommendation”, that
“Trust Group Financial Services Inc.
“arranged the purchase and sale of the collateral-based Letters of Credit.
According to Weston Keith FRANK, the collateral would have been provided
in the form of gold deposits with, for example, Eastech International Bank,
or banks in Mexico.
3.5 It has repeatedly been alleged that the so-called American VIP’s
(Congressmen, Judges, Senators ...) enriched themselves by
having access to Hammer funds, or proceeds”.
3.6 A certain
who enjoys links to the CIA (and who has an uncle in the U S Congress)
is credited as being the one that expanded “Hammer”,
in the sense of progressing from the movement of one hundred million
to one Billion, and further, to about a Trillion.
Hughes is the one, in Cocke’s estimation,
who enhanced the Hammer Project.
Such volumes are regarded as feasible, in view of Hughes ownership
of ”Hughes Oil” Company Inc.. Hughes Tool Company
Whilst Hughes is evidently exceedingly wealthy,
he is not above trading on the Hughes name,
viz a vis Howard HUGHES the late reclusive and eccentric Billionaire tycoon
(Hughes aircraft corporation, Hughes Oil Company, Hughes Tool Company ...).
3.7 Democratic Senator
running mate to Presidential candidate Michael DUKAKIS,
opposing George BUSH Sr. and his running mate Dan QUAYLE,
is a former Secretary of the Treasury.
ErIe COCKE alleges Bentson was very probably connected
to Hammer (immediately) on leaving the Treasury.
4. Mechanism, System, Means
The funds were assembled in several ways:
Firstly: Large blocks of assets were provided in the early days by the CIA.
These funds, in particular, may be those repatriated to the U S
from foreign locations;
Secondly: With extravagant promises of huge returns from
High Yield Trading, funds were raised from parties around the world,
including private persons, corporations, and governments.
These funds, in particular, may be those intended to
“Draw the Teeth” of foreign nation states.
The “mechanism” is not so easily described:
Following the assembling of the funds (in the words of the late
Brig. General COCKE) the only sensible thing to do was
to trade the funds as underpinning collateral.
This trading activity attracted more funds, easily solicited by
“Brokers” / “Traders” on promises of hopelessly fantastic returns.
Based on arranged collateral, the standard approach was
to buy and sell LETTERS OF CREDIT (L/C‘s) or LONG TERM NOTES,
of which there are several kinds, for example:
Irrevocable Letters of Credit
Standby Letters of Credit
Export Letters of Creditand so on.
The L/C‘S themselves are on occasion referred to as the
collateral traded
We note that the Wamboldt transaction schematic,
and the Hughes transaction schematic, are regarded by Cocke
as entirely different transactions.
The Hughes transaction is said to have been one of the earliest,
Wamboldt‘s much later: the details do not bear this out,
as can be seen from the .following.
Firstly: The method as described in the “Complaint”,
as executed by “Trust Group” (“Bankers Trust”?):
According to the “Complaint “, it was through Loren St. Ives
that the plaintiff Curtis learned of “Trust Group Financial Services Inc. “,
based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and of their activities.
Curtis allegedly learned that “Trust Group” had allegedly arranged
the purchase and sale of
fifty billion US Dollars ($ 50 000 000 000.00) of
“one year DLC/S (‘presumed to be Domestic Letters of Credit).
The instruments were to be sold and delivered over an extended period of time
in packets, or “tranches “, of one hundred million dollars per tranche.
Transaction code: ATMF - AC -1995,
Seller’s code : 4623 - 20
Buyer’s code : HUGHES - 75 - 7600 -A
Security code : TCJMJD - 891080
RWA : 1 0-1 0-8 9
What is particularly interesting is the fact that Trust Group, per se,
is not noted on the Hughes schematic,
although, the above codes and other data are virtually identical:
instead what we have is the mention of a certain Robert WOOD at “Banker’s Trust”,
the date of whose involvement agrees with that shown above,
being 1 0.1 0.1989.
It would be a major development of high significance if it were found that
“Banker’s Trust” and “Trust Group” were the same entity,
or associated in some way!
However, the “recovered commissions” were to be paid by Citibank N. A.
through an account in the name of defendant, Rudolph Von Rooyen RONDINE, at
Citibank N. A.,
47 akti Miaouli Street,
Account # 0- 205555 - 005
Secondly: The method, as described by the
WAMBOLDT schematic:
From the details’ reflected by Barrie D. Wamboldt,
this transaction is the same as that described by the Hughes schematic,
but from a different perspective and revealing further participants.
Most interesting is the indication of
...by directional arrow, as receiving funds (from a source off page),
which are then sent to the indicated “Collateral Supplier”.
Other funds from a source off page, with whom Wamboldt deals through
“World Development of Seven Circles Corporation” are also sent to:
“Estonne - Tije Trust Ltd.” Dr. Jeret DENE
Seller’s code: 4623-20
(see “Seller’s code” above, and “Fed Bank code” below)
Security Code: TCJMJD - 891080 (see above)
According to the “Tranche Schedule” (wrongly spelt on schematic)
the commencement date is the same as for Hughes’ below,
being October 18”’ 1989, at which time “4:17”
the following is alleged:
100 million:
Fed 10 # 4972;
Swift 79433 72,
Bank Code 4623-20
50 billion:
Security Pacific Bank,
333 5. Hufe Street,
Los Angeles, Ca.
(These details in the way of a heading, with directional arrows
indicating each of the following in turn)
50 Billion each:
“Bank of America”,
Los Angeles, Ca.
50 Billion each:
“Bank of America “, Toronto, Canada.
50 Billion, or more per Tranche:
“Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce Toronto, Canada.
(Directional down to the enclosed statement,)
“Transaction continued until Nov. / Dec. 91”
(Directional across to the list headed ...) “Fees paid to”
“Hong Kong Shanghai Bank” (N Y?) - (“Shanghai and HongKong”!,)
“South East Bank “, Florida - Hughes
(see para. I under Hughes below)
“Citibank” (wrongly spelt in schematic), Arizona
“B H P Zurich Switzerland
“Chemical Bank” N Y, New York
“Security Bank” Los Angeles, Ca.
At the foot of Wamboldt’s schematic are the tantalising notes:
“# I TCM 13 April, 2000
Balance in Account: $223,104 000 008.03
”The balance in the account is not disputed by Cocke,
and is said to be thecombination of some thirty and more accounts,
“almost in one solid block at“Citibank”
It is crucial to at least attempt to secure a copy of the second (right-hand) page!
Enter Dan. V HUGHES Jr., whose activity raised the ante, dealing in Billions,
rather than tens or hundreds of millions.
According to Erle Cocke this was seen as perfectly natural for a man
who heads the “Hughes Oil Company“.
Thirdly: Features of the method as described by the HUGHES schematic:
1. sight draft is sent by Hughes’s Bank,
“South East Bank “, Florida, to one Robert Wood of “Banker’s Trust”, on 10.10.1989
(see also footnote under “Trust Group” method above).
2. “Midland Aval” / “Midland PLC” are indicated as the “Loaning Bank”, with the following transaction Descriptors’:
10.10.1989 89.25% Selling
84. % HOC Buying 09.25.1989
Loan Commitment 10.18.1989
Transaction began in the same frame on the schematic
is also mentioned
“Chase Manhattan”
3- 5OMM L/C’s
3. “Citibank“ “, HONG KONG
is described as the “Collateral Supplier”,
with the following transaction descriptors:
81 % Raw Cost2-
ST 1 - 3 T (extended)
1-600 BI - 2 T (returned)
15.600 T (13.6 T traded)
There follows, on the schematic, the names of Banks in three columns,
some marked for apparent association by asterisk.· “
Security Pacific” Fillmore, Ca.
USA Account # 085062787
“Union Bank of Switzerland” (UBS)Switzerland
“Union Bank qf Switzerland” (UBS)
New York “Prudential-Bache”
Cherry Hill,
N.J.“Citicorp International” New York
“Citibank” Nassau, Bahamas
1) “Dawia”
2) “Credit Suisse”
3) “Deutsche Bank”
4) “Deutsche Bank”
5) “Dai Ichi”*
6)“Dai Ichi”*
7) “Deutsche Bank*
8) “Credit Suisse”
Final notes at the foot of the schematic of great interest are the following:
“... Disbursed to 20 Banks, in 60 plus accounts.
H. R. HUGHES account (note the difference to Dan. V HUGHES Jr.)
J. R. - (John REED?! - CEO and Chairman of Citicorp and Citibank NA.)
“as trustee”
(1.2 from HOC / “Midland Aval” transaction) Switzerland
”It is our understanding that the above represents a major transaction,
or a series thereof, conducted by Hughes.
Regardless of any synergies or synchronicity with Wamboldt,
this is the “trading” transaction that Hughes conducted
and managed for own account.
Noted banking information iro:
“CITY CORP” (holding company of Citibank)
Account Information:
Depository Master Account
Sub Account 0116912036-I
The funds a are said in the “Complaint” to be on deposit at
111 Wall Street Branch, N Y
This (Sub) Account is the Holding Account into which the various
fees have been deposited from the many Tranches of the Transaction,
and are subject to control of the “Trustor of Account”
(said to be / have been,
John S. REED (CEO and Chairman, Citibank N. A., N Y, retired).
Transaction Code :ATMF-AG-1995
Seller’s Code .‘4623-2 0
Buyer’s Code :HUGHES- 75- 7600A
Security Code :TCJMJD -891080
The present balance in the Sub-Account should be in excess
of USD 220 000 000 000.00.
The balance in the Depository Master Account remains unknown at this stage.
‘These funds’ are to be disbursed under the authority and direction of
Mr. Barrie WAMBOLDT ­“Paymaster” -
according to whom the balance is USD 223 104 000 008.03,
per his schematic.
Noted banking information iro:
Dan. V. HUGHES Jr.
Account name: “HUGHES OIL Company Inc.”
“Southeast Bank” 75206583
These details require confirmation!
A crucial link in the Hughes transaction (per schematic,
see “Hammer file”) is what is there described as a “Loaning Bank”, being:
“MIDLAND Aval” (Switzerland / “MIDLAND PLC” (London)
Noted banking details of the “Escrow” account of Paul GREEN,
attorney at law:
(Green specialises in Real Estate deals and law;
portfolio includes the Empire State building; negotiated with Citibank
for release of “Hammer,, funds. based on personal relationships
with several Citibank main board directors’.
Account name: “Attorney PAUL GREEN”
Citibank NA.
FOCUS # 946 963 94
666 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York
Noted Bank Officer: Mr. Drew CARLSON
Noted banking information iro:
(349 Brighton, Hercules’, Ca. 94547,) : see also below under
Van Rooyen, Greece:
Account name: David OSTER
Bank of America 06730-11648
Noted banking data iro:
Manfred Josef [Maria] ZACHEL
Account Name: “Atlantis Financial Association”
Union Bank 127 001 1809
San Francisco Branch
Trading account, also
Hongkong and Changhai Bank Singapur
Midland Bank PLC UK
Standart Bank RSA
Bank of Religion, Bukarest / Romania
as well as further accounts in Germany, Swiss, France and Italy and
Trading Office Bukarest / Romania
Noted Banking information iro:
Adriaan Barend STANDER
Selbornelaan 141,
Lyttelton Manor,
0157, Pretoria
Account name: “INTERCOL Consultants (Pty) Ltd “-
per BankStatement 10 / 12 / 1991
VOLKSKAS Bank 0609-142-596
Verwoerdburg Branch
Account name: “INTERCOL Consultants”
Current in the late 1990’s
Arcadia, Pretoria Branch
Noted Banking information iro:
SWIFTReference #: TBOAGB2L
90 Long Acre
London WC2E 9SF
Account Name
Account ftEASTCORP (Closed?) in favor of the under mentionedI - 214 - 1456301
01 -38496030-4
01 -38497030-0ANTI CRISI (Eastcorp Technical Division)
01 - 38498030 - 5
Noted Banking information iro:
Important to note that the SA Reserve Bank state firmly that
E I B, the I B I (INTERNATIONAL BANKERS AND BROKERS INVESTMENT Group), the A F A (ATLANTIS FINANCIAL ASSOCIATION), or the MARIE-LUISE SAMSON-ZACHEL TRUST, (MLSZ-Trust) with registered Trustees Dr. Kirsten Balzer and Franz Josef Schulz, or the A I D C (African Industries Development Corp.) are not registered in R S A or USA, what was be proven by Manfred J. ZACHEL, President of the I B I and Chairman of the MLSZ-Trust
are not even provisionally registered as a deposit-taking institution,
or have permission to open a representative office in RSA ...
El B “is therefore lawfully prohibited ...On April 12”’ 1991,
the Central Fraud Liaison Unit of the British Banker’s Association was duly notified,
as was
West One Bank,
lnternational Department,
Salt Lake City UTAH.
Pretoria Branch
Account name: “Eastech International Bank”
136 873 6001
Relevant Bank official:
Mr. L. COETZEE, General Manager.
Noted Banking information iro:
(Tacoma, Washington!)Bank:
BANQUE INDO-SUEZ (see also Eastcorp below!)
Telephone: (41) 22. 216255
Account name: “Eastech International Bank”
Relevant Bank official:
Mazen ABU.HAMDAN (Vice President)
Noted Banking information iro:
(For “Eastcorp - Switzerland’s run by Prof Dr. Marcus A. KONIG)
RobertoBONZI - Managing Director
Fax: (41) 91 227150
Account name: “EASTCORP Holdings”
Noted banking information iro:
(61 Park Road, London NW])
Bank: “Bank in Liechtenstein”Vaduz Liechtenstein.
TeL (41) 75 511 22
Account name: West Pacific S. A.
365 . 906. 2-10. 333 . 01
West Pacific
undertook, on August 5th 1991, to purchase the Bank instrument
“Standby Letters of Credit”,
Term - one year and one day,
Price - eighty five per cent (85%),
amount USD I Billion
in tranches of USD 25 million.
Noted banking information iro:
Eastech / Eastcorp SYNDICATE
operations(I) “WINS S. A.,
Mont(i)video, Uruguay,
was advised on July 29th 1991 of the following:
8000 BRUGGE,
Code: GIBA 13 EEE
Account name: (assumed to be for Eastcorp?)
280 . 0733700. 29 USD(2)
“Standby Letters of Credit”
were to be purchased through the agency of Eastcorp by:
Account name: Fritz WALSER / ARVIGO
Foundation 533 - 10 - 383 . 635. 9 USD

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* The wise are not wise because they make no mistakes.
** They are wise because they correct their mistakes as soon as they recognize them.
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